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Koch Primetime Gaming Stream Showcase Could Reveal New Games


Jun 1, 2021

Koch Media has announced that it will be hosting a Koch Primetime Gaming Stream, where it will announce new information about upcoming game releases. The company, which owns the Saints Row, Dead Island, and recently acquired TimeSplitters IPs, will be hosting the event ahead of E3 on June 11, 2021, from 12 pm PDT or 9 pm CEST, as part of Summer Game Fest.The Koch Primetime Gaming Stream will be streamed via Twitch, through an account mysteriously named weknowsomethingudontknow. The Twitch stream will also be viewable through a similarly-named website owned by Koch Media. Suffice to say, the naming practically confirms that there will be some sort of new game reveal. What game will be revealed, however, is yet to be seen.We do know that the next installment of Saints Row has been in development at THQ Nordic for quite some time. There were reports and even a few leaks that told fans of the franchise that the next game would likely be revealed sometime in 2020. While it’s already 2021, this timeline of events does make it fairly likely that THQ Nordic is ready to talk about the upcoming sequel.Another possible reveal is the return of Dead Island 2. Developer Dambuster Studios reportedly put up job postings for designers to work on the zombie survival game as late as 2020. The Dead Island franchise is yet another brand that Koch Media has stated as “very important” to the company, though the revolving door of studios that have worked on the franchise previously says otherwise. Meanwhile, the original creators of the series, Techland, have recently announced the release date of their newest game Dying Light 2. If Deep Silver does decide to announce new information on the game, it’s going to face some stiff competition.Finally, TimeSplitters has also been brought up as a possible new game reveal, due to the recent reformation of Free Radical Design under Deep Silver. However, this one is less likely due to the fact that studio head Steve Ellis has stated that development has not begun for the upcoming TimeSplitters sequel.The Koch Primetime Gaming Stream will air June 11, 2021, from 12 pm PDT/9 pm CEST, as part of Summer Game Fest.[Source: IGN, Thegamer]

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