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Some Guilty Gear Strive Modes and Features Will Be Patched in Later


May 31, 2021

Less than two weeks ahead of Guilty Gear: Strive‘s release, Arc System Works has revealed that some of the game’s modes and features have been cut due to production challenges stemming from COVID-19. However, the developer isn’t doing away with those modes and features entirely as they’ll be patched in later.During an interview conducted by Angelo Dargenio (via Rooflemonger), an Arc System Works representative said that 70 percent of the development team had to work from home due to the pandemic. As a result, they made the decision to leave out a PlayStation 5-specific graphics mode, some accessibility features, and a tag mechanic among other things.ResetEra user Neoxon provided a handy list, which you can check out below:70% of the ASW staff had to work from home due to COVID. As a result, some modes had to be cut which will be added back in later.The tag mechanic found in Arcade Mode will be the basis of a mode coming in the future, will be exclusive to Arcade Mode at launch.There will be a PS5-specific mode that’ll be added in a later update in addition to faster loading & a higher resolution (4K on PS5 vs. 864p on PS4 & 1080p on PS4 Pro).Guilty Gear Strive started from scratch, including things like game design & assets.Accessibility features like custom lighting settings, UI that takes color blindness into account regarding mirror matches, & an advanced voice system for those with visual impairments couldn’t be finished for the game’s launch, but will be worked on for future updates.Guilty Gear: Strive will release on June 11th.[Source: YouTube via ResetEra]

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