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Mass Effect’s Normandy Is Now in No Man’s Sky


May 30, 2021

A mysterious Expedition within No Man’s Sky has led to a very unexpected discovery – Mass Effect’s iconic ship, the Normandy SR-1, is now inside the game.As part of the new Expeditions feature, players have been taking part in a new timed event, the Beachhead Expedition. That expedition has taken players across multiple planets, solving puzzles and, eventually, receiving a mission called “Anomalous Research”, which calls for players to track “a pattern in time, a strange signal emerging across multiple realities”.It turns out, that signal has been coming from the Normandy. By completing the Expedition’s five stages, players will earn the ship as an S-class freighter. Sadly, it’s not a directly pilotable ship, but it’s likely to become the jewel of many players’ fleets. Check out how it looks in the trailer below:The Expedition is only available to complete until May 31, so if you want to add the Normandy to your game, make sure to jump in soon. Developer Hello Games teases that it will have more surprises throughout the rest of the year, so this might not be the only unexpected addition we get.Have you played No Man’s Sky?YESNOThe tie-in comes alongside the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which makes multiple changes and improvements to the classic RPG trilogy, alongside some smaller details that fans are loving.Mass Effect’s Normandy in No Man’s Sky
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