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Little boy gives Dodgers fan a ball and it’s downright adorable (Video)


May 30, 2021

At the Giants-Dodgers game, a little boy gave a Dodgers fan sitting next to him a ball and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today. 

Normally San Francisco Giants fans and LA Dodgers supporters don’t get along, but that’s simply not the case this weekend with the two clubs in action. That’s because a little boy is stealing our hearts with a simple act of kindness.

In the middle of the action, this unknown hero had a game ball in his possession, but then decided to give it to a new friend he made in the stands. He didn’t care that she’s a Dodgers fan. Seriously, try and watch this clip without smiling. It’s nearly impossible.

Giants fan gives Dodgers fan a ball and it’s adorable

Simply incredible. The young fella looks to (presumably) his mom and appears to ask her if he can give the gal to his right the ball. She smiles and nods, which leads to him then being a sweetheart and providing that woman with quite the memory.

People in the crowd were all smiles and it’s easy to understand why. This was such a pure, joyful moment between everyone involved. Throughout the years, we’ve seen videos like this make their way to social media and they’ll never get old. If the Dodgers end up seeing this clip, we sure hope they not only get this kid some more balls, but maybe hook him up with some autographs as well. Heck, the Giants should probably provide him with some free gear as well.

This is just a friendly reminder that even in the biggest of rivalries, people can still be peaceful and be happy with one another. You’ve got to love it.

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