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WoW: TBC Classic Fastest Ways To Hit Level 70


May 25, 2021

With a new expansion, comes more levels. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a few options for you.

Normally when you head into an expansion the idea is simple. Go through the big portal and do all the quests. Job done, max level achieved, guide over. For TBC, however, why not try something a little different? While just questing is perfectly fine, and we’ll give some tips to optimize that, there are other ways, one, in particular, looks like it’ll be very popular.

Leveling to 70 in TBC Classic with quests

This is a pretty simple one. Go from zone to zone, picking up and completing all the quests on the way. So, for a simple questing guide we’ve had a look through a lot of guides online for both Horde and Alliance and we’re pretty happy with the ones we’ve found.

For Alliance and Horde, we think Warcraft Tavern is the best option. Its guides are easy to follow, but give just enough detail that you won’t struggle if you only have one monitor.

Alliance 60-70 TB Classic Leveling Guide

Horde 60-70 TBC Classic Leveling Guide

These are your classic, run-of-the-mill leveling guides. They’ll get you 70 in a decent time ready for your adventure. Now, these guides are probably the fastest way to level outside of grouping or boosting.

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Dungeon Farming for Reputation

Something you’ll learn (hopefully before you hit 70) is that reputation is important in TBC. I don’t mean with other players, I mean with the factions. All the leveling dungeons have a faction associated with them, and all of those require you to be revered or exalted to get certain rewards or attunements. (more information on that here).

A Dranei mage casts a spell inside the WoW TBC Dungeon, Uldaman

Another thing you’ll see at some point in TBC Classic is people, mostly groups of five farming dungeons rather than questing so that they can hit reputation cap (honored) via each dungeon. With some testing on the TBC beta, it’s expected that you can hit honored or very close with each dungeon faction before you hit 60. Also, if you use our guide you’ll even manage to get your Karazhan Attunement completed.

Dungeon Order Guide:

Hellfire Ramparts x 1 for the quest and entry into Blood Furnace > Blood Furnace until you hit 61 and honored with Thrallmar (H) or Honor Hold (A) > Next head to Slave Pens, we’ll be staying here till 64/65 (you’ll go past honored with Cenarion Expedition) > Once you’re done move to Mana Tombs till 65/66 > Sethekk Halls till 68 > now we want to move into the Karazhan Attunement > Old Hillsbrad > Sethekk Halls > Shadow Labyrinth > The Steamvaults till you’re revered with Cenarion Expedition.

Congratulations. You’ve hit level 70. Now, if you want to earn yourself a lot of gold (roughly 5 -7k is speculated) then go back to the above questing guides and complete all the quests. With that, you’ll have enough gold for your Epic Flying Mount.

Key addons for leveling

While we did an article dedicated to the best TBC addons already, we think leveling deserved a special section. Below is a selection of “must-have” addons for leveling in TBC Classic.

Questie – while a little buggy in the pre-patch, Questie is a must-have for TBC.

Atlas Loot – a great way to check out dungeon loot before you enter. You wouldn’t want to do a dungeon for no reward, right?

Atlas – it’s like Atlas Loot but without the loot, but instead, it has loads of maps.

Autionator – You’ll be getting a lot of items in your inventory so it’s going to be good to have an alt ready in a major city to sell it all off. This addon will be ideal.

GatherMate2 – GatherMate is key if you want to level with professions. It’ll track nodes on the map and make it easier to farm.

TomTom – Adds coordinates to your map, something that will come in handy if you search up tricky quests online as most people will leave simple coordinates (10.21, etc)

And that’s about it. There’s no super-secret hack method to leveling, you just need to use your time well. Of the above two methods, the first will get you 70 fastest as a solo, though the dungeon method is likely quicker if you have a 5 person group. Plus the time you’ll save at 70 grinding rep is a huge bonus.

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