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Chris Paul responds to comments about ‘dirty play’ on LeBron James


May 24, 2021

Chris Paul offered up his side of things after Sunday’s game in which LeBron James fell to the floor following a collision between the two friends. 

The Phoenix Suns took home the win Sunday in Game 1 against the Los Angeles Lakers. But one of the top storylines moving forward has to do with Chris Paul running into LeBron James and causing the Lakers star to fly to the floor.

The play did not appear dirty and Paul was finally able to offer up his side of things after the game.

Chris Paul responds to his play on LeBron James

“I don’t know anything about that,” Paul said to Yahoo Sports following the Suns victory. “I have absolutely nothing to say about that. We’re just playing basketball and competing.”

The veteran Suns star said this in response to Lakers head coach Frank Vogel mentioning he saw it as a dirty play. For those unaware, James shot a free throw and Paul aggressively ran in to box out. He did bump James, but plenty of fans saw it as a flop as James collapsed to the ground.

The weird thing here is the fact the two are notoriously close friends. But when it comes to the playoffs, neither wants to lose.

Having this happen in Game 1 sets the tone for what could be the best series of the first round. The Suns and the Lakers are two title contenders and NBA fans already saw plenty of drama Sunday.

The hope is that it can all continue, just without any potential injuries. It is fair to joke about flopping and for Paul to respond this way, but injuries can happen in a variety of ways and James must have felt something in that moment.

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