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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference starts June 7


May 24, 2021

Apple today announced that its Worldwide Developers Conference will start June 7. The event will conclude three days later on June 10. As with last year, the conference will be entirely online.

As usual, the first day is the busiest, as that’s when the company also holds its keynote, where it will announce upcoming developments to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. There may also be some hardware announcements.

The keynote will be available to stream from apple.com, the Apple Developer app, the Apple TV app on supported platforms, and YouTube.

Also on the first day is the Platforms State of the Union for the developers, where they can find out about the new tools, technologies, and advancements from Apple announced during the event. This will be available to stream via the Apple Developer app and the Apple Developer website.

Apple will also be holding its usual in-depth sessions, and one-on-one labs for developers. These help developers talk to actual Apple engineers, including those who work on specific features or APIs, and lets them clear any doubts or confusion they might have about the platform. Apple Developer Program members can request one-on-one lab consultations with over 1,000 Apple experts. Starting June 8, session videos will be posted every day on the the Apple Developer app and on the Apple Developer website.

Other events include special activities and events, such as coding or design challenge, and keynotes from guest speakers. And finally, on June 10, Apple will also be holding its Apple Design Awards for apps on the App Store.

Like WWDC 2020, WWDC 2021 is completely free to all registered Apple developers.


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