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Pierce Them All Strategy Guide – Top 5 Best Hints, Tips and Cheats


May 23, 2021

Pierce Them All is a fast-paced FPS that sees you blasting arrows into everything that moves. It’s easy to pick up, but there are a few things you’re going to have to understand to get the most out of the experience.

Things like what? Things like those we’ve covered in this strategy guide. We’ve put in some time with the game and uncovered the hints, tips and tricks that are going to help you win every time you step into the Pierce Them All arena.

New players are definitely going to find a wealth of info here, and more seasoned veterans are likely to discover something that’ll help them out too. So here are the top five best hints, tips and cheats for Pierce Them All. 

You can’t run out of ammo

There’s no need to try and conserve your shots or play conservatively. Every time you blast an arrow, there’s going to be another one ready to fire almost instantly. There’s no point trying to be smart or sniping here – just fire away in the general direction of your target and you’re going to do just fine.

Red means invincible

When a robot has a red body, that means you can’t kill them with arrows. You’re going to have to aim for their head or try and force them off the edge of the level. When there are red robots in the midst of robo-groups, focus on taking them down first because they pose the greatest danger.

Shoot everything

It’s worth your while just blasting away at anything. Sometimes you’re going to get bonuses for hitting certain boxes and you can start off chain reactions that get rid of enemies before you get to them. If you’re playing the game, you should be shooting – it’s as simple as that.

Check out the bonus levels

The above tip goes double for the bonus levels. Almost everything in them will get you coins. It’s worth playing the bonus levels because they’re some of the most interesting challenges the game is going to throw at you. They look better, they’re more varied and quite often you’ll wish they were the main game and not the other way round.

What can I spend the coins on?

Right now, you can’t spend the coins on anything. They seem to be a score rather than a currency. That means there’s no point upping your coins by watching a video, since you’re not going to be able to change anything with the additional moolah. Just be happy with what you’ve got and keep playing.

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