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Heisenberg’s Factory – Resident Evil 8 Village Wiki Guide


May 23, 2021

Full Video Guide – Heisenberg’s FactoryBy now, you will have all four of Rose’s Flasks, the Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs. Return to the Altar, sell all your treasure and buy any upgrades you need from The Duke, and save your progress.

Approach the Altar and place all four Flasks into the receptacle, which will come unlocked to give you the Giant’s Chalice. With this new object in your possession, you can now approach the large dias at the Ceremony Site where the four giant statues of each house are located.Important – Make sure you have everything you need before proceeding forward. You won’t be able to do any more re-exploring and backtracking once you enter the Factory, so this is the last time you’ll be able to hunt wild animals or track down missing treasure!advertisementOnce you place the chalice on the dias, a scene will occur that will raise a giant bridge over to Heisenberg’s Factory, clearing the way for your next confrontation. You’ll be taken down to a lower level as you cross over to his factory, and told to go inside to meet him.
The FactoryThere’s not much to note in the large field leading up to his factory entrance, other than some Rusted Scrap and Metal Scrap in the back of some wrecked cars on either side.
The old barn-like entrance is eerily quiet, and a larger gate inside is locked, forcing you to head left to grab some Gunpowder off the shelves and find a door going deeper underground.
Follow the path into another large room to grab some Chem Fluid off the table, then turn right and inspect a large wall covered by cloth.
You’ll get a moment to see Heisenberg’s grand spider-tape plan before the man himself appears to fill you in on his grand plan. Ethan won’t exactly agree to this shaky team up, and so you’ll be unceremoniously cast into the factory to meet Heisernberg’s little pet.
As soon as you get up, you’ll need to hurry away from the man with the propeller blade stuck on his face. Nothing you do will hurt it right now, so run, and turn right as the door ahead closes to duck through a hole in the wall, and then continue right.
The monster behind you won’t care much for the door and break it open, forcing you to keep running as you duck under some debris. When you hit another dead end, look to the right for a chute to take you far down into the depths of Heisenberg’s Factory.
The Factory B4 – MaterialsYou’ll come out into a giant scrap pile, but at least the monster isn’t following you anymore. Make your way through the pile and look for assorted Rusted Scrap, Gunpowder, and Metal Scrap as you climb up to the left. Look for a ladder along the wall you can hop up to.
It won’t be long before you run into more of Hiesenberg’s creations – these are much like the ghouls you’ve fought previously, but the armor on their head must be knocked off first with a shot before you can get some actual headshots in. Since they tend to bunch up, you can also lay waste to them with an explosion of your choice to clear the road, and then move to the far side to pick up some Rusted Scrap, and look left for a wall grate you can open.
Take the next ladder up to find yourself in the heart of the factory, where Heisenberg has been busy building an army of his own. There’s a crate behind you to break, and as you move to the right, you’ll find The Duke has already set up shop on the lift you can open to one side.
Save here if you need to, and note that The Duke now has two new weapon variants for purchase, the V61 Custom Handgun, and SYG-12 Shotgun. An automatic machine pistol and semi-automatic focus firing shotgun, these are both great weapons that cost a small fortune to obtain – and unless you’re willing to sell your old pistols and shotguns, you may need to buy his last inventory expansion too. The choice is yours if you’d rather keep upgrading your current weapons or invest in one or both of the new ones – as well as investing in the mods you can buy for each of them.
Since you can’t use the lift he’s in right now, exit and note the overall map of the factory floors, and check the door to the right to find a room with the final Labyrinth puzzle, as well as Rusted Scrap and Chem FluidLeave the room behind and enter the main doors to the right to find some long hallways to traverse leading to a room with a red-light door.
Grab some Gunpowder to the right first, then slash the red light with your knife. Be ready to take out two enemies on the other side of the door, so use those long hallways to give yourself room to mow them down.
The next room is dark, and there seems to be a gap in the platform leading to a far door, but the generator is offline.
Head down to the bottom level and be ready for two more enemies to burst out of the far door. Look for a crate you can break on the left and right of the door before moving inside.
Inside the Foundry, there’s a large Casting Machine against the far wall that will be central to solving a few puzzles in the Factory. Look to the right for some x-ray photos of Heisenberg’s experiments as well as some Chem Fluid, as well as some Rusted Scrap on a nearby table.
You can’t interact with a strange hole in the wall, and another door is locked, leaving only one way out of the room for now. Going up the hall, three more ghouls are stumbling around a walkway, and can be bunched up nicely for an explosion to send them flying.
Note the cabinet on the left you can use a Lockpick on to gain a Yellow Quartz. Grab the Gunpowder on a barrel up ahead, and note the unpowered switch for a door, forcing you towards a far door into a lab area.
Besides some Rusted Scrap to the left, there’s a creepy body with a drill for an arm in the next room, and if you think it’s going to jump out and grab you – you might be right!
Move past the body for now into the next room and open a chest that has a Relief Mold you can use back in the Foundry.
As expected, the enemy known as the Soldat will power up off his chair and move to attack. These enemies are extremely sturdy and can block shots with their drill arm, and deal some major damage if you get hit. Luckily, they move fairly slow, and take a few moments to swing or stab with their main weapon – which also leaves the large red light on their chest vulnerable to attack.
Get some distance on them using the nearby hallways and goad them into attacking then sprint away, pivot, and ready your rifle to zero in on their weak points. Dealing enough damage will short circuit them out, killing them instantly, and rewarding you with a Crystal Mechanical Heart.
Back in the Foundry, use the Relief Mold to obtain a Relief of a Horse, which you can then place on the hole in the wall behind you. This passage leads up to another ghoul, and a locked door to Heisenberg’s Quarters that can’t be accessed yet.
Turn around and inspect the desk to use a Lockpick and get some Magnum Ammo, and then move to drop down into the large Engine Room downstairs. Hit the crate behind you, and then look at the large engine machines that dot the zig-zagging walkway through this room.
The giant pistons here will move back and forth rapidly, swinging in front of the narrow parts of each walkway – and can damage you relentlessly if you move slowly beneath them. If you are worried sprinting won’t be enough, you can shoot the red dots on each piston to stop them and give you safe passage – but you’ll still have to worry about the ghouls up ahead.
You can actually take a few potshots at the enemies on the far side with your pistol, which will cause them to slowly stumble around to find you, and most likely get them killed trying to get past the large damaging pistons. Three more will appear in the middle section once you cross, so you’ll either have to quickly sprint back, or fight them head on without the help of the pistons.
When all enemies are dead, you can blow out the remaining pistons to travel safely across, and look where the enemies crawled in the middle of the room to find a crate and some Explosive Rounds.
Look for the final piston’s red light on the wall behind it and carefully snipe it to access a ladder taking you back upstairs to find some Rusted Scrap near another wall grate.
The door next to you is locked, so instead you’ll have to move down the hall full of Soldats just waiting to come alive – but they won’t…. Yet. Head through and unlock the door back to the Foundry before moving further down the stairs in the previous room.
There’s a cracked wall here, but you can leave it for now as you explore the rest of the room to find a breakable crate and a backup generator missing a gear.
Downstairs are a number of fences and a cabinet in the back with a Mine, as well as some Gunpowder nearby next to a fence. Going up the stairs to the right, you’ll find a door with red lights you can smash to enter.
In this storeroom, check on the left for a Development Note 1 File on a table, and a Factory Map (Lower Levels) to the right by some Gunpowder. Open the large case by the file to get the Cog Mold, and unlock the far door to get back into the hall full of Soldats.
Surprise! The Soldat at the very end will awaken and try to ambush you, so move back down the hall and take aim with your rifle at his mechanical heart. You can lead him on a merry chase back through the generator room, and he’ll even cut down a few fences for you.
You may also be able to get him to smash the crumbling wall – but it’s better to just leave a Mine in front of it and have him step on it, blowing the wall open and damaging the Soldat in the process.
With the wall completely broken, look inside to get some Shotgun Ammo and open a case with a Mechanical Part (Cylinder) treasure that can be combined with something later for a better sell value.
Move back into the Foundry to put the Cog Mold into the press and get yourself a Large Cog to insert into the backup generator. The production line will start up again, but not before another Soldat drops down off the moving belts above, and the gate behind you seals up.
You’ll be in a lot closer quarters with this foe, so let him tear down the small gates to expose his weakpoint, and strafe around bigger obstacles to keep your distance until you can plant enough shots in his chest to finish him.
Move through the newly opened gate at the bottom and smash the crate before going left, and up ahead you can spot another Soldat patrolling off to the right. Go left first to get some more ammo in a crate, then cautiously follow him into the next room.
There are several narrow halls here where the Soldat patrols, but of special note is some red arcing electric fuse box in the middle. If you wait until the Soldat gets close to it, you can shoot it to explode the box and stun the Soldat, letting you unload a few free shots before running away.
Be sure to look for some crates to break and a cabinet with Gunpowder as you evade the enemy here, then move through the far door on this level to find another crate and a cabinet with Sniper Rifle Ammo, and a Large Crystal you can shoot down from the yellow PA system near the door.
Back in the previous room, head upstairs to find another Soldat heading your way, and lure him back to the fuse box downstairs to stun and eliminate him – just be wary of his stumbling strikes that end with a fast forward lunge with his drill. Check back where he came out of to find some Explosive Rounds, then break the red lights on the door to the right to move onward.
Another long room with narrow corridors awaits you here, and as expected, it’s far from safe. Head down the left path first to spot 3 Ghouls coming your way and toss an explosive device to cripple them. Check further down the left path and you’ll get a breakable crate and a Mine in a cabinet for your trouble.
Moving to the opposite side of the room, there’s a small alcove by the stairs with a dead Soldat in a bed behind a small gate. Remember this as you move up the stairs, as a giant shipping container will soon fall, revealing an even tougher variant of the Soldat.
This guy has TWO drill arms, and no weak point on his chest – it’s on his back instead, making it harder to get off clear shots. Let him chase you back down the stairs and into the alcove, and he’ll destroy the gate for you.
With that out of the way, lead him back to the middle of the room to find another fuse box you can shoot to stun him and unload on his back when you get the chance. When he starts swinging wildly, try to strafe around to get a shot at his side and hit when he turns his back, and your sniper rifle will make short work of him, earning you a Large Crystal Mechanical Heart.
Be sure to return to the alcove with the dead Soldat, as you’ll find he was lying next to a table with thousands of Lei, and some Magnum Ammo to boot.
As you leave the alcove, look up the wall opposite the stairs to spot a glowing spot along the crack, and shoot it to get some Yellow Quartz. Finally, head through the container the Soldat dropped out of to find a cabinet with some Shotgun Ammo, and leave through the nearby door.
The Factory B3 – ManufacturingYou’ll be back in the room with the missing platform, and now that you have the power on, you can hit the button to lower the platform into place.
Look against the wall above the far door by a pipe for another glowing spot to shoot and get another Yellow Quartz. At this point you can head right to return to The Duke to sell and save, or move forward.
The next hall has some Gunpowder to grab, and Shotgun Ammo in a nearby drawer. Move into the next room with three small corridors, and note the fuse box by the doorway as another improved Soldat heads your way.
Stun him with the fuse box, and then use the small corridors to quickly duck behind him and strike when he goes for his signature lunge attacks.
As soon as you move into the next room, ol’ propeller face will try to ambush you again, so immediately dash right and duck under some debris to reach a large door to slam in his face. Luckily, it’s strong enough that even after bashing it in, it will still hold and give you some safety. Before moving on, grab some Rusted Scrap, Metal Scrap, and Gunpowder.
You’ll move out into a large open area overlooking the production line, and a nearby lift access means you can finally bring The Duke up to this level, and quickly get back down below. Since your goal is onward and upward, look for a ladder to the right and keep climbing.
Move across the broken ground and down to a drain pipe where you can break a crate before heading into a mining area. As Heisenberg talks about his plans, be ready to deal with some more Ghouls mining the ore in these narrow tunnels.
Take the small path on the right to find two such enemies, and then help yourself to a crate, 2 Pipe Bombs and an Herb.
Back on the main path, look up for a birdcage holding some loot you can shoot down, and move forward to find a large drill with three workers around it — so try and clump them together and let them walk on a mine or into a Pipe Bomb before mopping up survivors. Inside a nearby cabinet you’ll find a Lockpick, and around the drill are some precious gems including a Large Crystal and Crystal Fragment.
Look for a small grate to crouch through, and at the other end, drop down into a long muddy hallway. Be sure to turn around first to spot another crumbing wall, and detonate it with an explosive to reach an area filled with gems, letting you obtain another 2 Large Crystals, Vivianite, and a Yellow Quartz.
Entering the Grinder Shaft, look up to spot large metal blades slicing tons of scrap down to size. The only way out is to go up, so start moving and grab some Gunpowder near the middle, and break the crate on the side by some Metal Scrap.
As you move up to the second level, two new enemies will rocket down towards you. A new variation of the Soldat, the Soldat Jet, they now have a jetpack and an even bigger helmet, making escape even harder now. They’ll also crouch down to employ laser targeting, and then rocket forward to slam into you, and will slide along rails even if they don’t hit you dead on to catch you at angles, so be sure to put a lot of distance when they crouch down.
Utilize Flashbangs to keep the duo stunned and disoriented while you follow up with precision shots, or lay mines down to stop their charging attacks. Don’t let yourself get surrounded, and use explosives to stun them so you can try and move past to move to different levels, forcing them to fly around to find you and giving you more avenues of escape.
Once both of these enemies go down, keep traveling up breaking crates and looking for Rusted Scrap, and look up at the grinder to notice the large red lights surrounding the machine. Take out each one with a pistol, as well as the bright light in the exact middle, and the grinder will power down. You can now take the ladder up into the Grinder Shaft.
The Factory B2 – ElectricalExiting the grinder, break the crate on the side before hurrying through the far door.
Head up the stairs and check the table on the right for Chem Fluid and the Development Note 2 File. Nearby is the Factory Map (Upper Levels) on a crate, and if you check your map, you should spy a hidden chamber near you.
Look up ahead near the stairs for a minecart, and move it out of the way to crawl through a duct into a secret room.
Here you’ll find some Gunpowder and Handgun Ammo, but more importantly is a case that holds a Ball Mold, the device you need to access the last Labyrinth puzzle.
As you move close to the Ventilation hall, a large turbine will start pulling you in. Quickly aim and shoot at the red center to power it down and save yourself a painful death. Be sure to look back at the ledge you were pulled off for a tiny glowing point on the walkway you can shoot to get a Yellow Quartz.
Goat of Warding – While in the Ventilation area, head to the very edge overlooking the Grinder Shaft where some bulldozer blades keep the scrap back, and wedged in them you can find a little lost bobbling goat to destroy next to some Metal Scrap and Rusted Scrap..
Carefully make your way along the outer pipe at the end of the Ventilation area to climb up a small ladder to a hole you can climb through. Grab some Chem Fluid in the next room, and take the nearby lift up to the next level.
The Factory B1 – StorageMove down the hall as Heisenberg taunts you, and in the next room shoot down the birdcage to the right for loot, and look to the left for Shotgun Rounds in a cabinet, as well as Explosive Rounds and a Key Mold against the far wall.
In the next area you’ll find yourself high over the production line – but this also means you can move across the platforms to reach the Lift and bring The Duke up to this level.
Before that however, be sure to break a nearby crate, then look for a far ledge to fall down to a lower platform, and crawl along the large pipe to find Shotgun Ammo and 2 Mines, as well as a zipline back to the other side of the room where there’s some Yellow Quartz in the wall.
Before moving further into this floor, we’ll need to do a bit of healthy backtracking. Raise the lift with The Duke, and sell your new treasures to buy any upgrades you need. Head back down to B4.
Goat of Warding – A tricky wooden goat to spot, take a look out the open lift door as you ride down with The Duke. In between B1 and B3, there’s a goat perched along the red support girders going down. You’ll either need to be quick to spot and shoot it, or you can try climbing the ladder outside the lift on B3 and looking back to spot it above and snipe it.
Head back towards the Foundry by going through the main doors only to find the lights have gone out. Spooky.
Once you reach the room outside the Foundry, a glow-in-the-dark Soldat will appear, swinging wildly that always ends with a lunge attack. Back up and wait out these strikes to hit him in the chest after his lunges, and use the long hallways behind you to get more room.
Another Soldat is waiting in similar fashion inside the Foundry and will burst out the door, so let him come to you before blinding him with a Flashbang and unloading on his reactor.
Once he’s dead, head inside and use the Casting Machine to make both the Iron Horse Ball, and Heisenberg’s Key.
With the boss man’s key in hand, you may remember there were two doors we couldn’t unlock on this level earlier – one was unpowered, the other needed his key.
Head left from the Casting Machine first to travel up to where the now powered switch door was, leading to the Operating Room.
There’s a drawer in the first room with Sniper Rifle Ammo, and a host of dead Soldats in the room beyond. Look for a Lockpick on the left as you enter, and some Flashbangs further up on the left.
Luckily none of these Soldats will awaken – but one behind the far door will, and will smash through to attack you. Snipe it as it does, then follow up with a flashbang to unload even more shots to kill it quickly.
Grab the Handgun Ammo by the door it opened, and inside you’ll find a Medical Log you can listen to while looting the large case nearby for the M1851 Wolfsbane – Long Barrel Mod.
Return to the Foundry and exit through the opposite end to return to the platform with Heisenberg’s Quarters.
Four Ghouls are wandering around his room now, so be ready with a mine or bomb to stun them all before finishing them off. There’s some Rusted Scrap on the left table and back, along with some Gunpowder, but the real prize is the chest in the middle that holds the Mechanical Part (Shaft). When combined with the other Mechanical Part, you can craft Heisenberg’s Hammer, which sells for a huge amount of Lei.
As you start to head back to the lift through the darkened room outside the Foundry, something will be clanking towards you in the dark. This is the Soldat Panzer, which is completely armored from head to toe and provides no weak spots.
In order to make your own, utilize your Explosive Shots from your grenade launcher, or Pipe Bombs, or set a Mine to start popping off the enemy’s armor. Check after your explosions stagger him to see if you can spot the glowing red spot on his armor, then blind him and go in for the kill.
You can also try and stun him to juke past the behemoth, as he won’t follow too far – but there’s another waiting in the halls beyond, and you don’t want to get stabbed in the back. If you manage to kill them both, you’ll get Perfect Crystal Mechanical Hearts from both enemies, making it well worth the effort.
Back at the lift, be sure to head into the side room to use the Iron Horse Ball to play the last Labyrinth game. To begin, slowly move the ball around the circle but don’t fall off at the very end as you move to the right.
When you move to the lower level, tilt into the gear and keep the ball pressed against the sides so it doesn’t fall out until it reaches the other side (it can be hard to see, so be sure to use the camera turn button).

As it circles around the back, carefully slow down before you reach the next drop, and wait for the little orange trolley below to move all the way right before dropping down. Then you need only pass through the trolley on the left and drop down one final time before reaching the goal, and collect the Bister Skull, which is worth a small fortune!Important – This will be the last time you get to talk with The Duke in The Factory, so it’s time to sell all your treasure and buy all the upgrades you need.Head back up to B1 with Heisenberg’s Key and head into the next hall. Heisenberg is ready for you to meet his little pet, but before you do move into the first room to stock up. Inside you’ll find a helpful Prototype: Sturm File, as well as crates to break and Mine, First Aid Med, and Handgun Ammo to collect.
Mini-Boss Fight – SturmYou’ve met old propeller head before, but now you have a strategy for actually defeating him. Before we get to that, it’s important to note the layout of this room is all full of winding walls and passages – but Sturm will pretty much destroy almost all of them. Like the juggernaut he is, he’ll charge forward and break down stone walls with ease, but this will actually give you a lot more room to avoid him, so feel free to send him hurtling toward anything he doesn’t break.
Once you get enough room to properly sidestep Sturm, let him charge into a wall he can’t break, then run around behind him and unload on his weak spot on the back. You’ll usually get a chance to unload at least one or two shots, so make them count. Be sure he breaks all the walls around the two larger metal sections of this room, as you’ll want that cover before long.
After dealing a bunch of damage to his exposed point, Sturm will ignite in flames. Rather than weakening him, it’ll actually just make him more mad and stronger. He’ll start revving up while on fire, and that’s your cue to get behind the giant metal boxes to avoid his flame wave attack.
Once he lashes out with his fires, he’ll begin to charge again, but this time he’ll quickly adapt to charge 2-3 times before really stopping, so don’t look back until you’re sure he’s bounced off enough obstacles. Then, he’ll let loose another flame wave and repeat the process. Keep avoiding him during this phase until his flames sputter out, at which point he’ll charge like normal.
The process can be long and grueling, but as long as you stay one step ahead of him, and you can pick your shots with care – and even use a few Magnum rounds to quickly deplete his health. Once he starts to flail wildly and spark, he’ll finally shut off for good, leaving behind the Complex Mechanical Heart.
With Sturm dead, grab any ammo along the walls you may have missed, and head into the next room to open a cabinet with First Aid Med, as well as Heisenberg’s Cigar on a far table next to Heisenberg’s Diary File.
Goat of Warding – You might hear the telltale bobbling of a nearby goat at this point. If you look at your map, you’ll spot a small room nearby, and look around there’s a small open vent to the right of the diary you can crawl through to a room that holds Shotgun Ammo in a drawer, as well as a Herb, Chem Fluid, and Metal Scrap along with the goat on top of a barrel.
Heading out into the Cargo Bay, break the two crates down here before carefully crossing the narrow metal pole to a lift to take you up to the ground floor.
You’ll be back in the barn area of the factory, but it looks like Heisenberg isn’t quite content to let you leave. You’ll get a glimpse of his true power as he tosses you back down into the Factory. All the way to the bottom. Great.
With nothing else to do, look for a nearby grate to enter a Scrapheap, and inside you’ll finally meet up with your old pal Chris, who will finally tell you what’s really going on with Mother Miranda. Putting differences aside, Chris is ready to let you help take the fight to these freaks, and has even built a little present for you.
After Chris moves on to finish his mission in the Factory, be sure to save at the Typewriter here, and check the computer for Chris’s Computer File. Look around the Scrapheap for a crate and some First Aid Med, then when you’re ready, board the Fun Machine and head into the lift to face Heisenberg.
Video Guide – How to Defeat Karl HeisenbergWith your polymer/metal composite death machine, you’ll be able to take the fight to Heisenberg without him being able to manipulate your craft.
As you take the lift up to the field outside the Factory, take a minute to get a feel for the controls – including your machine gun, cannon, and blocking move.
Heisenberg is far from a pushover in his final form, and the arena you’ll be in gives you a bit of breathing room, but not much. It’s especially hard to turn or get away from Heisenberg in your machine – but you’ll find that your cannon attack doubles as a getaway move, blasting you back by a great distance, so try using it to evade some of his moves.
For this fight, you’ll need to focus your fire entirely on the glowing red spots in Heisenberg’s metal form, destroying the weak points with a combination of sustained machine gun fire and cannon blasts, while also using the blasts to get away from him. If you see your machine gun fire eliciting red sparks on his body, you’ll know you’re hitting the right spot.
Heisenberg will alternate lifting one of his buzz saws before charging at you, and if you can’t blast back, you’ll need to hold your ground and block at the last possible second. Missing the timed block is bad news for this fight, as you won’t be able to heal while in your machine. Instead, spend the fight doing a wide circle strafe around the arena, and make sure you have room behind you to blast backwards when needed.
At certain points, Heisenberg will summon giant metal plates to hide behind, but you can strafe around to find openings to keep up your fire. Blowing up one of his weak points will also stun him, which you can use to interrupt his charge attacks. He may also plant both saws down and charge forth – which is an ideal time to blast him with a cannon to stun his advance.
After dealing enough damage to his weak spots (destroying them all will just summon a new batch), he’ll light on fire, and soon you’ll be lifted into the air – and you can retaliate with a cannon blast to his face… but now you’ll be on the ground with no machine to ride.
Since you can’t hope to block his attacks in on foot, you’ll need to run and gun by letting lose your explosive blasts and rifle fire at his head, then turning to get behind any debris to keep Heisenberg off you, and pivot only to let out a few shots before running away again.
He tends to charge in a straight line, so as long as you run diagonally, he’ll have a hard time catching you with one of his swings, and move behind the large plates to keep a buffer between you.
Keep up the fire on his head, using your high powered shots to interrupt his attacks until he starts to generate a giant electrical field.
You’ll be tossed into the sky again, but fate has one last cannon blast in store for Heisenberg, and the fight will conclude.
Unfortunately, things are going to take a very bad turn for Ethan following this battle. Still, the Finale must go on.

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