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Microsoft Office for Android gains dark mode


May 21, 2021

Most paper is white, so naturally digital document editors show black text on a white background. But paper reflects light and screens emit light – many phone users find it easier on the eyes if they read white text on a black background instead.

And many of them have apparently been asking Microsoft to enable Dark mode in the Office app for Android. Today their wish is granted, they can now view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents without bright light blasting their eyes.

The update is rolling out today. Once you install it, you can tap on the Profile icon in the Home tab, then go to Settings and pick between between the Light and Dark theme. You can also choose System Default to make Office match the system setting (great if you have it set on a schedule).

The Microsoft Office app for iPhone and iPad already had Dark Mode, as did Outlook for both iOS and Android.


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