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Ruins of Remembrance – New Pokemon Snap Wiki Guide


May 20, 2021

Last Edited: 19 May 2021 9:55 pmThis New Pokemon Snap Ruins of Remembrance course guide is part of the Walkthrough. It includes a complete Ruins of Remembrance Pokemon List and map, with instructions on how to solve the Ruins puzzle, and unlock the Ruins of Remembrance Illumina Spot, all on the island Aurus.
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How to Unlock the Ruins of RemembranceRaise Outaway Cave to Level 2, then complete it again to take an alternate path, unlocking Aurus and this.
There isn’t necessarily an alternate path for the Ruins of Remembrance course, but there is a Ruins puzzle you need to solve. You need to activate all the Crystabloom (which activate statues at the ruins) by throwing Illumina orbs at them to unlock the final Illumina Spot – the Ruins of Remembrance Illumina Spot.
To unlock the Illumina Orbs for Aurus, photograph a Crystabloom at the beginning of the stage on the cliff side. Throw an Illumina orb at the Crystabloom right in front of the Meganium statue. To the right of the Whishiwashi statue. A bit difficult to see, in between two pillars by the Steelix statue. Throw Illumina orbs at the Edelgoss in front of the Volcarona statue to reveal the Crystabloom here. Throw Illumina orbs at the Golurk by the Milotic statue to get it to move, revealing a Crystabloom. The final group of Crystabloom should all be alight except for the center one – hit this with an Illumina orb. Doing the above will unlock the Ruins of Remembrance Illumina Spot. After beating the game, this is a step to trigger a special action by a Legendary Pokemon – Secret Legendary Pokemon.
Complete Ruins of Remembrance Pokemon ListRuins of Remembrance Pokemon List#Pokemon
Research Level
Vivillon3Only appears at the end of the stage if you activate all CrystabloomMagikarp1-3Toss Fluffruit into the well 201
Houndoom1-3 202
Eldegoss1-3 203
Natu1-3 204
absol2-3 205
Salandit1-3 206
Noivern2-3 207
woobat1-3 208
Sigilyph1-3 209
Beheeyem1-3 210
Golurk1-3 211
Chandelure2-3 212
Umbreon3Upon entering the cave, throw an Illumina orb at Noivern. Throw a Fluffruit to lure the Salandit further out of the corridor the Noivern was looking down. An Umbreon should follow.advertisementRuins of Remembrance Pokemon MapRuins of Remembrance Secret PokemonThis Legendary Pokemon will only appear after beating New Pokemon Snap. See the full Jirachi guide!

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