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The Art of Fighting in Biomutant


May 19, 2021

Creating Biomutant’s fighting style came part and parcel with the development of its ever-evolving central character. Often mistaken for a raccoon, a cat, and even a red panda, our hero can be all of that and so much more! The same can be said for our hero’s multi-faceted fighting style! Our goal was to create fast-paced and action-packed combat with a mix between melee, gunplay, and mutation. All of this plus ease of control. We drew a lot of inspiration from traditional kung-fu, including my own personal experience. We also drew inspiration from John Woo movies and films like “Kung-Fu Panda.” Through all of this, we were able to find our own unique kind of combat.

What we call mutant ability is a key ingredient to a successful attack. Changes to our hero’s physical appearance translate to different physical strengths and abilities in combat. The result is a fluid and acrobatic style. Layer on melee and projectile weapons and doing battle in Biomutant easily differentiates itself from any game out there.

The player will quickly learn that every element of this combat system is not just fun but necessary as the various attacks from the creatures in Biomutant will consistently come as a surprise. Some will roll themselves into a ball and zoom right into the player. Some dig into the ground, some spit acid and some attacks are even more unexpected. The gigantic boss battles pack a unique attack from every boss. The player will benefit greatly from watching and learning before striking in many instances.

This brings me to the benefit of pre-ordering before our game launch on May 25! Players who pre-order will benefit from the unique combination of Mercenary perks at the start of their Biomutant gameplay experience. Dual-wield as a starting ability plus additional weapons including the classic Katana and the shorter Wakizashi blades make for some great attacks on just about any opponent you will face!

Biomutant Pre-Order Bundle

THQ Nordic




Pre-Order BIOMUTANT now & get the Mercenary class DLC, a unique combination of perks, in addition to the full game.

The Mercenary is a special class loadout playable from start through this DLC only. The Mercenary has dual-wield as a starting ability and is geared up with a classic Katana and the shorter Wakizashi blades to explain it in real-world terms. Simply put, it’ll let you experience the world of BIOMUTANT as classic samurai looking warrior from the start.

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