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Disgaea RPG Tier List – The Best Characters Ranked, Plus a Re-Roll Guide


May 19, 2021

Disgaea RPG is a new game in the Disgaea series that’s exclusive to mobile. It sees you building up a team of anti-heroes from the other Disgaea games and taking them into battle. It’s got everything you’d expect from a Disgaea game, all squished down into a pretty perfect pocket-sized form. 

But since you’re building a team, you’re probably wondering which characters you should include, and which ones you should focus on when it comes to grabbing them or upgrading. Which is why we’ve written this list. It breaks down all of the characters in Disgaea RPG into a handy tier list. One glance and you’ll know whether you’ve unlocked a superstar or a dud.

We’ve also included a re-roll guide for when you first start the game. That way you can be sure you’ve got the very best character in your team from the very beginning. Just to note – Prinny is also a character in the game, but the penguin is pretty rubbish and you should only ever use him as an absolute necessity. 

Right then, let’s get on with it, shall we? Here’s the complete tier list for every character in Disgaea RPG in May 2021.

Tier S

Tier A

  • Christo
  • Dark Santa Laharl
  • Emizel
  • Fuka
  • Sicily
  • Usalia

Tier B

  • Etna Fenrich
  • Flonne
  • Mao
  • Rozalin

Tier C

  • Adell
  • Artina
  • Axel
  • Killia
  • Raspberly
  • Seraphina
  • Zeroken

Re-roll guide

At the start of the game, once you’ve logged in and added your name, you’ll get a chance to grab a four star character. If you don’t like the one you’ve ended up with, there’s a button marked ‘start over’. Press that and you’ll get another chance to pick a character. Pretty easy, right?

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