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Wide angle 1.8x anamorphic lens for full frame sensors launched by Vazen: Digital Photography Review


May 16, 2021

Chinese lens manufacturer Vazen has launched a 50mm T2.1 lens to add to its anamorphic offering for full frame users. With its 1.8x sequeeze this 50mm will deliver the sort of horizontal angle of view we’d expect from a 28mm regular lens on a full frame system, so it is effectively a wide angle lens.
The 50mm joins the company’s existing 85mm T2.8 in the FF 1.8x anamorphic range, and these are set to be made into a trio when a 135mm lens begins shipping in June/July this year.
These lenses all come with interchangeable PL/EF mounts and shims included in the kit, and all have 0.8 mod cine gears on to the focusing and aperture rings. The 50mm and 85mm also have matching 86mm filter threads and 95mm matte box fittings, and have full aluminum body construction.

The lens has a closest focus of 3.6 feet /1.1m from the sensor, is 5.2in/13.3cm long, 95mm in diameter and it weighs 3.24lbs/1.55kg – so it is actually quite small. You will though need to factor in a PL adapter depending on the camera you are using.
Scheduled to ship in August 2021 the Vazen 50mm T2.1 1.8x anamorphic lens will cost $8000, though you can save $2000 if you buy the $8000 85mm at the same time. This is a lot of money, of course, but it’s a good deal less than other anamorphic lenses designed for FF sensors. For more information see the Vazen website.

Focal Length
T-stop range
T/2.1 – T/16
Angle of View
Around 65 degrees (Horizontal)
Format Compatibility
Full Frame and Super35
Filter Thread
Front Diameter
Min. Focusing Distance
1.1 m (3.6 feet)
9.5 x 13.3 cm
1.55 kg (3.42 lbs)
PL / EF(User Inter-changeble)

Press Release:

Vazen launches the 50mm T2.1 1.8X Anamorphic Lens in PL/EF mount for Full Frame cameras
Vazen has unveiled the 50mm T2.1 1.8X anamorphic lens, adding a ultra wide angle option to its full frame EF/PL 1.8x anamorphic lens line-up.
The new Vazen 50mm T2.1 is designed to cover large format cinema cameras like Red Monstro, Alexa LF, Kinefinity Mavo LF and Z-CAM E2-F8 fully. A 135mm lens is expected to be ready to ship in 1-2 months to complete a 3-lens set (50 – 85 – 135) in phase 1.
The new 50mm features a super compact and lightweight design. Weighing merely 3.42 pounds (1.55kg) and 5.24” long (13.3cm), it is one of the world’s smallest 1.8x anamorphic lens for full frame cameras. Its compactness allows it to be balanced on gimbals and rigs very easily. The 50mm has the same focus and aperture position as the 85mm for easy lens switching on set. And a consistent 86mm front filter thread is handy for ND filters or diopters installation. The front diameter is a standard 95mm for matte box mounting. The entire lens is built up of aluminum and the independent aperture and focus rings are incorporated with 0.8 mod cine gears. The lens is available in an interchangeable PL and EF mount. Both mounts and shims can be found with the lens in a Vazen hard case.
All Vazen 1.8x anamorphic lenses feature a front anamorphic design. It delivers a buttery smooth oval bokeh, signature blue, but not over saturated, horizontal flare and the widescreen cinematic look. The lens also features a ultra-wide 65? horizontal field of view (similar to a 28mm spherical lens) and the closest focusing distance is 3.6” from sensor.
The lens delivered outstanding sharpness, even at wide open, which is unparalleled by other PL/EF anamorphic lenses with the similar squeeze ratio.
Vazen chose to adopt a 1.8x squeeze design to balance the anamorphic characters as well as the resolution of the image. The 1.8x squeeze can producee a cinematic widescreen 2.39:1 aspect when paired up with 4:3 sensors. When paired up with 16:9 sensors, much less data (than 2X anamorphic lens) is needed to be cropped away to create the desired 2.39:1 ratio.
Pricing & AvailabilityThe lens is currently available to order from authorized resellers and from Vazen website (http://www.vzlens.com/). It is available to ship in late August. Free Priority shipping provided.
The retail price in US is USD 8,000/pc. A $2,000 discount will be offered for a 2-lens (50+ 85) purchase.
Product Pagehttps://vzlens.com/product/vazen-50mm-t2-1-1-8x-anamorphic-lens/
Introductory Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lPWLj1gbgQ

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