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The Children of Danu – Locations and Guide – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wiki Guide


May 16, 2021

Last Edited: 16 May 2021 3:45 amThis page of the Wrath of the Druids DLC guide contains the information how to help you find and assassinate all the Children of Danu and reveals what you can get for killing all the Children of Danu as well!
The Children of Danu is a radicalized cult that is trying to sabotage High King Flann’s unification of Ireland. The cult is composed of Irish Lords and High Druids. These druids use mystic arts to enhance their abilities and kill their foes.
How to unlock the Children of Danu QuestThe Children of Danu order tab in the menu is unlocked once you start the quest, Potion of Blood. In this quest, you travel to meet Ciara’s Druidic friend Deirdre and are informed that the high-ranking cult members carry bloody shards of amber that contain mystical powers. This also unlocks the Children of Danu quest. You cannot find any Children of Danu members or clues until this quest is unlocked!What do you get for killing all the Children of Danu?Completing the Children of Danu quest requires finding clues to reveal the location of each order member. Some clues can only be obtained through quests, while others are scattered throughout Ireland. After assassinating all 10 Children of Danu order members and collecting each one’s amber shard, deliver the shards to Deirdre at her house in Asfinn to begin the quest, Amber Sun. During this quest you may attempt to earn the mythical spear Gae Bolg! Click here to find out how to obtain the mythical spear Gae Bolg.Children of Danu that Can Only be Killed in QuestsThough all the Children of Danu require the Potion of Blood quest to be completed for them to appear, some members are specifically connected to certain quests. These are the members that are only found and eliminated via a specific story quest.
The WrenadvertisementThe Wren is the subject of the Potion of Blood quest, and this will be the first order member you eliminate. Check out the Potion of Blood section of the Wrath of the Druids Walkthrough for a step-by-step guide of that quest. Eliminating the Wren reveals a clue for The Ash and one for The Cursed.
The CursedThe Cursed is the subject of the Into the Fog quest. This is the quest immediately after the Potion of Blood quest. Therefore, The Cursed is likely to be the second member you eliminate. Check out the Into the Fog section of the Wrath of the Druids Walkthrough for a step-by-step guide of that quest. Eliminating The Cursed reveals a clue for The Deer.
The SeedThe Seed is the subject of the The Wages of War quest. Check out the The Wages of War section of the Wrath of the Druids Walkthrough for a step-by-step guide of that quest.
The OakThe Oak is the subject of the A Scourging of Snakes quest. This is one of the final story quests! Check out the A Scourging of Snakes section of the Wrath of the Druids Walkthrough for a step-by-step guide of that quest.
Children of Danu Without QuestsAll these Children of Danu can be assassinated after completing the Potion of Blood quest. After completing the Potion of Blood quest, members can be killed as soon as you find them. You don’t even have to search for their clues; you could just go to where the cultist is located and kill them! If you still want to find all the clues, this guide contains their locations too!
The Deer Where to find The Deer: The Deer can be found on the northern shore of Ulster Lake in the port of Inch Lough Neagh. He’ll likely be inside the enemy camp that contains the Celtic Cloak. You must eliminate The Deer to reveal The Seed’s identity in the story quest The Wages of War.Note from the Cursed – Obtained by killing The Cursed during the quest Into the Fog.Note Found in Ardmel Trade Post – Ardmel is a trading post in eastern Ulster. The note can be found near the dock just outside the walls of the trading post.The Ash Where to find the Ash: The Ash can be found in Kesh Corann mines in the mountains northwest of Lough Gara in Connacht. It’s the same location where you can find the Druidic Breeches. There’ll be lots of enemies in the area. Consider equipping poison resistance runes.On the top side of the mountain, there’s a destructible wall blocking the entrance of the cave. Use the hole above the wall to toss a torch into the other side and blow up the wall.Enter the cave, and head to the level below. You’ll spot some crates in the corner of the area. Smash them to reveal a crack in the wall. Keep going until you reach the room containing The Ash and the chest with the Druidic Breeches. The Ash and his friend in the room like using poison, so keep an eye on your health.Note Found on The Wren – Obtained by killing The WrenNote Found at Ritual Site – Found at the druidic ritual site on the hill midway between Lough Rea and Lough Tuam in Connacht. It’s on a stone altar littered with skulls.Note Found in Kiltober – Kiltober is a small enemy outpost on the rocky summit southeast of Rathcroghan in Connacht. The clue is on a table inside the tent on the southwestern edge of Kiltober.The Blaze Where to find The Blaze: He can be found burning fields and cottages north of Black Pig’s Dyke along the southern border of Ulster. He’ll likely be walking down the road with his Irish Wolfhound.Note found on The Ash – Obtained by killing The AshNote Found on Gravesite – Found at the Gravesite near the waterfall in Bally na Gall, a burned village along the Bann River in southeast Ulster. The village is overrun with wolves, but you can avoid them by sticking to the cliff. Above the village, next to the waterfall you’ll see some graves. Use Odin’s Sight to find the clue on the ground in one of the graves.Note Found at the Outpost – Found inside a burned farmhouse in southern Ulster. The farm ruins are about 320m S of Clogher and just N or Black Pig’s Dyke.The Mist Where to find The Mist: He’s on a small island outpost surrounded by gas in Ulster’s western bay. There’s very low visibility here. Combined with the teleporting powers of The Mist, your best approach should stealth assassination. This is the same location with the chest containing the Druidic Cloak.Note Found on The Blaze – Obtained by killing The Blaze. Note Found in Doon Daven – Found at Doon Daven in northern Ulster west of the Slaney River. The clue is on the rocks near the center of the stone circle.Note Found in the Burned Fields – Found among the beached ruins of a ship in the Ulster peninsula west of Foyne Reservoir. The clue is on a large stone next to a wall of spikes.The Spider Where to find The Spider: She can be found walking around the Dublin markets. If you haven’t gotten all the clues to mark her, she might be tricky to find because she isn’t always in the same place. However you can still find her without locating the clues – here’s the trick!She tends to switch between two spots near the markets. Fast travel to the Kilchrist high point in the center of London. You can see both of the spots from that location (as shown in the image above). Either she’ll be at the little white shop with the animal skins or she’ll be below the triangular blue tent. When you search those two places, take out your bow and aim at who you think it is. You’ll know if it’s her if the reticle highlights her as an enemy!Note taken from a Child of Danu – Can be obtained by killing The Blaze.Note Won at Drinking Content – Obtained by defeating the drinking champion at Dublin’s alehouse.Note Found Under Dublin’s Tree – Found on a bench next to the big tree on the eastern side of Dublin. It’s the same tree that at the Skard’s Rest Offering Altar.The Whisper Where to find The Whisper: She can be found roaming the boglands east of Inchroe. You’ll find her walking with her boar.Note taken from a Child of Danu – Can be obtained by killing The Spider.Warning Found near Boyne Tombs – Found at Boyne Tombs, a forested hill west of Rathdown Trade Post in northern Meath. The clue is on top of some crates at the top of the hill.Prayer Found on Sacrificial Stone – Found on a table near a small chest next to the ritual circle west of the harbor along the Boyne River.

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