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Scan the Keepers – Mass Effect Wiki Guide


May 16, 2021

Last Edited: 15 May 2021 6:16 amThis quest is available as early as after the Council hearing on Saren, and can be acquired in one of two ways. Paragons can simply walk up to Chorban near the rock garden North of the Council Chambers and talk to him, using the left-hand dialogue options to accept his task.
Renegade players however will want to ignore Chorban entirely. This is because this quest ties into the Jahleed’s Fears Side Quest, and you can get more Renegade Points during it if you’ve never met Chorban before then. After, you can accept Jahleed’s offer to Scan the Keepers at the very end of that Side Quest.
However you acquired this Side Quest, we’ll be starting at the Citadel Tower, going to C-Sec, the Docking Bays, the Lower Wards, the Upper Wards, and finally the Presidium, with a brief detour into the Wards Access corridor (there are no Keepers in Chora’s Den or the Lower Markets). This route provides the most efficient way to get all the Keepers with minimal backtracking.
All the Keeper location sections on this page are accompanied by maps for ease of use, with the numbers matching up with the text below. The image above is all the maps grouped together in a single image.
There are 4 Keepers in this section of the Citadel.
advertisementKeeper #1Keeper #1 is the one Chorban was scanning, located between the staircases up to the Council Chamber and the rock garden overlooked by the Rapid Transit terminal
Keeper #2Keeper #2 is East-South-East of Keeper #1, on a balcony overlooking a water fountain. You may pass by Rear Admiral Kahoku on the way over to it.
Keeper #3Keeper #3 is at the Southern-most point of the Citadel Tower. It’ll be found in the back corner just West of the back of the Council Chamber.
Keeper #4Keeper #4 is in the large enclosed area running along the West side of the Citadel Tower’s plaza, specifically in the Northern corner.
Once you have all four Keepers here, take the Rapid Transit to C-Sec.
C-Sec and Docking BaysThere are 3 Keepers in these two sections of the Citadel.
Keeper #5Keeper #5 is located in the Requisition Office on the East side of C-Sec. Head downstairs and, when you get to the bottom and enter the room, look to your immediate left to find it.
Keeper #6Keeper #6 requires a slight detour; enter the central C-Sec elevator to go up to the Docking Bays where the Normandy is. Go all the way to the end of the main large ramp and look in the right-hand corner to find it.
Keeper #7Keeper #7 is back in C-Sec, and is found in the Traffic Control room. From the Academy Atrium in the middle of the area, head upstairs to the C-Sec Offices, then continue forward and upstairs to make it to Traffic Control. Here go to the rail on your right to find this Keeper just past it.
Lower Wards, Upper Wards, Flux and Wards AccessThese sections of the Citadel have 6 Keepers in them total. Interestingly, the Lower Markets, Chora’s Den and Fist’s Office don’t have any at all.
Keeper #8Keeper #8 is found in the small room of the Lower Wards where Eddie Lang is hanging out. to get there from Keeper #7, return to the Academy Atrium and enter the elevator down the South stairs (the one behind the main elevator up to the Docking Bays). At the bottom, head down the long hallway to where Eddie Lang is; directly across from you will be this Keeper.
Keeper #9To get to Keeper #9, from Keeper #8 head up the nearby stairs, then at the top make a left-hand U-Turn and run East, heading towards the Med Clinic. Go to the Rapid Transit just past it, then look left to spot this Keeper in the corner.
Keeper #10To get to Keeper #10 from Keeper #9, go to the middle plaza of this area and go up the stairs into Flux. Head to the upper Flux Casino, where you can find this Keeper in the back-most corner, next to where the Suspicious Gambling Machine is/was for the Citadel: Signal Tracking Side Quest.
Keeper #11Keeper #11 is on the far West side of the Upper Wards. Head to the Upper Markets area on the map, and you can find it in the North-West corner, close to where the Volus Expat merchant is.
Keeper #12Keeper #12 is in the red Alleyway, which is where you find the quarian towards the end of the Expose Saren Mission. Despite the map it’s actually impossible to get there from the Upper Markets. Instead, return to the central plaza and go through the door just East of the stairs to Flux. In this small corridor, take the left-hand door to enter the Alleyway; you’ll find the Keeper in the corner of the alcove on your right.
Keeper #13To get to Keeper #13 from Keeper #12, return to the small corridor and take a left into the elevator. At the top you’ll be in the Wards Access: face West down the corridor, then look to your right for a small room with some servers in it. The 13th Keeper will be in here.
The PresidiumThere are 8 Keepers in the Presidium area of the Citadel.
Keeper #14To get to Keeper #14 from Keeper #13, continue West down the Wards Access corridor and use the elevator at the end. At the top, head up the corridor and around the corner to appear in the plaza where the Presidium Prophet Side Quest is/was. At the end of the corridor, look directly left to spot the fourteenth Keeper.
Keeper #15Keeper #15 is found directly across from the elevator to the Citadel Tower, in the North-West corner of the Presidium.
Keeper #16Keeper #16 can be found in the upper-back room of the Emporium. Head to the Emporium on the South side of the Presidium, where Delan the Merchant is. Head up the stairs in the back of the area, then take a left. The Keeper will be tucked away in the left side of this tiny room.
Keeper #17Keeper #17 is located in an area just East of the Emporium. Return to the riverside walkway and continue East a bit. When you pass by the Krogan Statue with Avina, look to your right for a small walkway with the seventeenth Keeper next to it. It’ll be near some stairs leading up to the bridge that crosses the river to the Embassies.
Keeper #18Keeper #18 is located at the very Eastern side of the river walkway on the Southern area of the Presidium. From Keeper #17, return to the riverside walkway and follow it under the bridge. You’ll find this Keeper right next to the door to the Consort Chambers.
Keeper #19Keeper #19 is located in the most North-Eastern point of the Presidium, in the Volus and Elcor Office of the Embassies. You can get to the Embassies from Keeper #18 by using the bridge near the Consort Chambers. From there, head up the right-hand staircase, through the door, then continue East until you enter the office. Check the back-left corner of the room near the window to find Keeper #19.
Keeper #20Keeper #20 is located in an office room of the Embassies. to get there, go to the central reception area and head up the West staircase. Through the door, look to your right to spot another door that leads to the office; head to the far West side for the Keeper.
Keeper #21To get to Keeper #21, head to the Embassy Lounge in the Western side of the Embassies, not too far from where Keeper #20 is. When you enter the lounge, head directly across to the bar and go through the doorway to the right of it. Turn right and you’ll spot this Keeper on the far side of the balcony.
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