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Leica is looking for a new smartphone partner, eyeing Xiaomi and Honor


May 16, 2021

According to inside sources, the Huawei-Leica partnership is coming to an end, with the P50 series being the last handsets from the company carrying the Leica branding. The information comes from a series of tweets posted by a fairly renowned tipster focusing on Huawei intel.

He also suggests that Leica is looking for a new smartphone OEM partner and Xiaomi, Honor and Sharp are likely candidates. And why not all of them? A non-exclusive deal is quite possible, the Nokia-Zeiss and Sony-Zeiss partnerships are just one example.

It’s sad to see this partnership go as Huawei and Leica have produced some great camera phones over the years, but perhaps the trade sanctions imposed on Huawei haven taken a toll on the relationship.


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