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Drone delivery services in Namibia – sUAS News


May 16, 2021

UNICEF Namibia in partnership with Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) and John Hopkins University Medical Drones is looking for an international entity, considered as a lead vendor, for last-mile drone delivery services in Namibia. The entity is required to have a local partner (e.g. a subcontractor or a partner organization), which can assist in service provision. The lead vendor and their local partner are required to run sustained drone delivery operations that deliver efficient, quality, and timely technical services for four months.This project aims to use drones for the delivery of cold-chain and non-cold-chain medical commodities, including, but not limited to, patient testing samples, testing kits- including COVID-19 testing kits, medical supplies, vaccines and other medicines to and from five local health clinics (Schuckmansburg; Impalila; Kanono; Imbalasinte; and Itomba) to the main laboratory in Katima Mulilo (see link). The annual floods make roads inaccessible for over 6 months of a typical year (see Video link) and cut off communities from access to vital health and laboratory diagnostic services, are a key driver of isolation in this region.
Please review the RFP for more details for more details. 
Responses are due on 30 May.

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