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Catwalk Beauty Strategy Guide – The Top 5 Best Hints, Tips and Cheats – Game Up News
  • Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Catwalk Beauty Strategy Guide – The Top 5 Best Hints, Tips and Cheats


May 15, 2021

Catwalk Beauty is another of those games that involves walking and making decisions. They seem to be all the rage on mobile at the moment, for whatever reason. It’s a pretty simple idea, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to make sure that you’re winning each and every strut-off.

What sort of things? Well, the sort of things that we’re going to cover in this strategy guide. It’s packed full of the best hints, tips and tricks that we’ve picked up during our time playing Catwalk Beauty. Pretty cool, right?

Follow these and you’re going to be the catwalk queen in no time flat, we can pretty much guarantee it. So let’s jump into it – here are the five best hints, tips and cheats for Catwalk Beauty for mobile.

Check the requirements

At the start of every catwalk you’ll be told what you’re dressing for. Make sure you pay attention to this, because if you put on something that doesn’t fit into the theme, you’ll be penalized. The theme remains while you walk, so keep double-checking to be sure you’re putting on the right clothes.

Pick the items that make the most sense

More often than not, it’s going to be pretty obvious which item of clothing you’re supposed to put on. Look at the options and go for the one that fits in best with the theme of the catwalk. Don’t put on wellies if you’re meant to be at a nightclub, for example. Make sensible decisions and you’ll do just fine.

Ignore what your opponent is doing

It can be tempting to look at your opponent and see what they’re putting on. It’s much more sensible to ignore them completely. In the early rounds especially they’re going to be putting on all sorts of things. Focus on your own clothing and you’re in with a much better chance of succeeding.

Swap if something doesn’t look right

The choices you make aren’t final until you’ve moved on to the next section of the catwalk. If you pick a style or piece of clothing and you think you’ve got it wrong, you’ve got time to swap out to one of the other two. Think quickly though, because you’re not going to have that much time to make the change.

Don’t worry about the cash

You can’t actually spend the coins you collect on anything, so don’t worry about increasing your haul by watching videos. You’ll unlock new outfits just by playing, so focus on getting those and don’t worry too much about the cash.

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