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New Airthings View Plus Monitors PM2.5, CO2 & Radon – Automated Home


May 13, 2021

March 11, 2021

Airthings have just revealed their latest device – the View Plus smart air monitor, which features the brand’s most advanced air quality technology to date.

Airthings say the new device features a built-in particle sensor that can detect PM2.5 and PM1, and provide users with continuous access to data, as well as notifications to alert about changes in the air.

View Plus is Wi-Fi-enabled, offering access to data anytime, and anywhere, with a battery life of more than two years. It includes sensors for particulate matter (PM), radon, carbon dioxide (CO2) and much more, along with a customisable display for easy visualisation. It can also be easily integrated into a smart home system using IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

We’ll be adding the the View Plus to our existing Airthings setup later this year when we will review the new air quality monitor.

Meanwhile it’s available for pre-order beginning today on Airthings.com with a special, 10% off pre-launch discount before the end of March. The product will start shipping to customers this June for £259. Check out the video below.

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