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Neverwinter Sharandar Episode 2: The Soul Keeper Now Live


May 13, 2021

The magic of the Annis Hag may have been weakened, but the renewed battle within the Feywild continues with Neverwinter‘s Sharandar Episode 2: The Soul Keeper!

Following the defeat of Granny Necksnapper in Episode 1, the Illiyanbruen elves are focused on reinforcing their position in the Ruins of Malabog and seeking answers to the disturbing accounts coming from the Mended Grove (known previously as the Blighted Grove). In Episode 2, adventurers will once again assist the elves in uncovering information regarding the strange specters seen wandering among the trees of the grove; the bodies of these long departed Eladrin disrupting the rest of visitors and Illiyanbruen alike.

In this new installment of the Sharandar storyline, players are introduced to Mathilda Soulstealer, the Night Hag, when she boldly reveals herself during an attack. Retreating into the ethereal plane, the Night Hag will ultimately face daring adventurers in her own lair. It is within these twisted and dark corridors where players will seek to once again neutralize the darkness gripping the Mended Grove and stop future threats to the rebuilding of Sharandar.

Players’ efforts to combat these ongoing threats within the Feywild will be rewarded with new companion gear in Episode 2. Found within Shattered Diamonds and in the Vault of Stars dungeon, players will now be able to obtain items such as the Glistening Grimoire of the Companion, Glistening Sword Knot of the Companion, Pristine Ring of the Companion, and more!

In addition to the adventure rewards, Episode 2 launch day brings with it a colorful swarm of limited time mounts available for purchase. Three new color variants of the Butterfly Swarm Mounts will be available for the first month of the episode release.

Finally, the mid-Episode 1 release of the Vault of Stars dungeon provided adventurers the opportunity to complete the Wish Upon A Star achievement. Continuing the storyline and completing all Episode 2 missions will also allow players to progress through the Defender of the Feywild Xbox achievement, ultimately completing it when Episode 3 releases in the future.

With one Hag purportedly defeated, Adventurers should be well prepared to vanquish a second one. But will this really be the end of the dark presence lurking in the shadows? Neverwinter Sharandar’s Episode 2: The Soul Keeper is now live on Xbox!


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This game supports English, French, German, Italian, and Russian.

Additional System requirements: Minimum broadband internet connection of 512 Kbps is required to access all features.

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