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Kolari Vision proves its new UV lens filter can survive a 135′ fall by dropping it from a drone: Digital Photography Review


May 13, 2021

Camera accessory and conversion gurus Kolari Vision have announced a new Pro UV Protection Lens Filter that it claims can survive a 41m (135ft) fall. If that sounds a little hard to believe, you don’t just have to take their word for it—Kolari Vision proved it with a video showing the new filter being dropped from a drone.

As you can see at the end of the drop test video, the filter came away from the ten-story fall with little more than a scratch on the surface of the lens. Kolari Vision attributes this durability to the Corning Gorilla Glass it uses to manufacturer the filter. According to Kolari Vision, Corning’s Gorilla Glass is ‘more than two times stronger than Schott B270 glass to direct impacts, and more resistant to scratches for better lens protection, all while also boasting a high internal transmission and lower refractive index than Schott B270 for sharper images.’

An intact filter following a ten-story drop.
Kolari Vision says the UV Protection Filter is ‘optically engineered to be incredibly transparent with over 99% transmission and low reflection while cutting UV at 415nm, a strong cutoff point designed for digital-based on our analysis of hundreds of modern cameras.’ The filter, which is housed inside a knurled brass frame, is also water, oil and scratch-resistant, thanks to three dozen layers of coatings Kolari Vision applies to the Gorilla Glass.

It’s always up for debate whether or not a filter will protect your lens if it’s to take a tumble, but if you use filters for this reason, it stands to reason that this should protect the front of your lens better than more fragile filters.
The Kolari Vision Pro UV Protective Filters are available starting at $65 for the 49mm version and go up to $105 for the largest 82mm version. Kolari Vision offers a lifetime guarantee against defects.

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