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How BioWare went back in time to make Mass Effect Legendary Edition


May 13, 2021

When Mass Effect was first announced in 2005 during Microsoft’s X05 conference in Amsterdam, its trailer declared: “The developer of legendary RPGs of the past brings you a spectacular RPG of the future.” That wasn’t just BioWare saying it was making a sci-fi game—we already had Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, after all—but that it was going to show us what RPGs could be in the future. A fully voiced protagonist, dialogue sequences with cinematic framing, name actors like Keith David and Seth Green, an interconnected trilogy, even shooting that might not suck. Though building on the choice-and-consequence structure of games like Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, Mass Effect was billed as a significant step forward.

That makes it strange to think of Mass Effect as old. But over a decade later, it clearly is—which is why BioWare have taken it and its two sequels, plus almost all of their DLC, and remastered and tweaked them to make Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This is BioWare’s chance to bring the “spectacular RPG of the future” into the future it helped create.

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