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New Nvidia Broadcast update improves your webcam and microphone for free


May 12, 2021

If you haven’t got the best gaming microphone or webcam, the latest update of Nvidia’s Broadcast software looks like it’ll bring some great software enhancements to older devices – provided you’re running Nvidia’s best graphics cards, that is.

The latest version adds new AI features to clean up your acoustics, such as room echo cancellation and sound profiles. While the former is a great alternative to pricey sound-dampening wall pads, profiles help remove certain intrusive sounds – specifically, your dog, cat, or noisy insects outside. The patch also reduces video noise, which isn’t a true replacement for a high-end webcam, but it’ll give your older model a new lease of life.

The software now allows you to enable multiple AI features at once, too, letting you both blur the background and auto frame your face. The patch also fixes several bugs, ensuring the software doesn’t give up the ghost mid-stream. As always, it’s available for free if you’ve got an RTX card, but those rocking older GeForce models or AMD Radeon GPUs are out of luck.

Older Nvidia card users can still install the slightly older RTX Voice software after compatibility was silently added. It doesn’t have these swanky new features, but you’ll still benefit from some pretty impressive noise cancellation.

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