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Peak Design Marketplace is a peer-to-peer marketplace for selling, buying used gear (US-only, for now): Digital Photography Review


May 11, 2021

Peak Design has launched a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace where you can buy and sell used Peak Design equipment, complete with the company’s lifetime guarantee.
The platform, which is limited to the United States for the time being, is aptly called the Peak Design Marketplace. Its goal, according to Peak Design, is to reduce the need for third-parties when looking to buy and sell pre-owned Peak Design equipment. Now, buyers and sellers can interact directly, all while knowing every piece of gear sold through the marketplace will be protected by Peak Design’s Lifetime Product Guarantee, regardless of how many times it’s exchanged hands.

As Peak Design explains in the above video, selling gear on the Peak DEsign Marketplace is a three-step process. First, you’ll want to ensure your bag or accessory is registered on Peak Design’s website. Once registered (or if it’s already been registered), the next step is to create a listing, which includes providing product photos and information. Peak Design reiterates the importance of being honest in your descriptions and highlighting information you’d want to know about the gear if you were the buyer. Once purchased, the final step is to ship out the item (within three days) and collect payment through Peak Design’s platform once the buyer has confirmed the item(s) delivery and condition.

As for the pricing, that’s up to you. You can list if for however much you see fit, but take into account the age and condition of the item. On top of the price you’ve chosen, Peak Design will include a fixed-rate shipping price that varies based on the product being listed. When you receive the payment for your item, you can choose to keep the entire amount as Peak Design store credit or have 25% withheld if you prefer it in cash. Peak Design says this 25% ‘goes toward covering the cost of [its payment processor] Recurate’s services.’

A screenshot showing current listings for Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack (V1) on the Peak Design Marketplace. Click to enlarge.
Peak Design says all sales will be supported by the same customer service as received when purchasing regularly-priced MSRP products. All sales made on the marketplace are also 100% carbon neutral, according to Peak Design. We’ve contacted Peak Design for clarification regarding how neutrality is calculated and achieved considering the carbon footprint of the packaging and shipment of equipment needs to be taken into account. We will update the article when we receive a response.

The Peak Design Marketplace is still in Beta. As such, it’s a work in progress and something Peak Design is ‘constantly tweaking and improving things to make it a better experience.’ If you have any issues with registering, listing or purchasing pre-owned gear, Peak Design requests you contact their support team to take care of the matter. Peak Design says it’s hoping to expand to countries outside of the U.S. ‘soon.’
You can visit the Peak Design Marketplace to list and purchased pre-owned gear. If you have any questions, Peak Design has an FAQ page where commonly-asked questions have been answered.

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