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Jolteon – New Pokemon Snap Wiki Guide


May 11, 2021

Last Edited: 11 May 2021 1:01 amThis page is part of IGN’s New Pokemon Snap Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about finding and photographing Jolteon, which requires you to unlock an alternate route in Outaway Cave. Also learn how to get the 4 star pose of Jolteon, and complete your Jolteon Photodex page.
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How to Photograph Jolteon – CoursesYou can find Jolteon in Outaway Cave, and requires taking two alternate routes, and triggering a Legendary Pokemon Encounter. This also requires you to have beaten the New Pokemon Snap story!
The first alternate route will be pointed out to you once you reach Research Level 2, it’s in the large, open cavern with the waterfall, and Noibat will lead you to it. Use the scanner to take it!
The second Outaway Cave alternate route requires Outaway Cave to be Research Level 3, taking the first alternate route described above, and triggering a Legendary Pokemon encounter.
Take the alternate route to the crystal cave, where you first saw Mawile.Once through the tunnel, look straight down as you enter the area with crystals – there are two Carbink and a Mawile below. Hit those three Pokemon with Illumina orbs, and Diancie will enter from the right.Throw Illumina Orbs at the Diancie so it creates a diamond.Doing the above method causes the angry Mawile up ahead to trust you, allowing you to take the route beyond it. You just need to scan that area! Once through the pathway, you’ll emerge into a lush, tropical area inside a cave. Look down and to the left to see Jolteon hiding in the foliage.One Star Jolteon PhotoadvertisementJust about any photo of common behavior will count as a 1-Star Photo.
Two Star Jolteon PhotoPokemon will generally perform a 2-Star worthy behavior if you throw a Fluffruit at it or scan it, but there are a variety of unique 2-Star behaviors each Pokemon can perform. Experiment to find out what you can capture!
Three Star Jolteon PhotoWe know of two ways to capture the 3-Star photo of Jolteon. It will scratch its ear (like in the photo above) after eating a Fluffruit. You can also photograph it as it jumps out of the brush after tossing Fluffruit at it, though the timing for that is quite specific, so burst photos are recommended.
How to Photograph a Four Star JolteonThere are two methods to get Jolteon to perform Discharge, the move seen in the screenshot above, which will count as a 4-Star photo. The first method involves simply repeatedly hitting Jolteon with Fluffruit.
Joltik Adjoined RequestThe second method involves luring Joltik to Jolteon – it will then jump on Jolteon, causing it to use Discharge. You can’t hit Jolteon repeatedly for the Joltik method to work. Taking a photo of Joltik on top of Jolteon will also complete the Joltik Adjoined Request in New Pokemon Snap.
Looking to photograph even more Pokemon? Don’t forget to check out our Pokemon (Pokedex) hub page to find a complete list of all Pokemon that are available to find and photograph in New Pokemon Snap.

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