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Fortnite: Patch Notes v14.40 — New Exotic Six Shooter, The Dub Vaulted & More


May 11, 2021

The fourth patch of Fortnite Chapter – Season 6 has arrived. ESTNN breaks down the fundamental changes in this update.

Epic Games deployed patch v16.40 after a brief downtime early this morning. Amongst the intriguing changes stood a new Exotic weapon that replaced The Dub in the Season 6 loot pool. The developers set into motion the next week to Fortnite’s #WildWeeks event, emphasizing unique gameplay dynamics. The first instance highlighted fire, and fishing could be next in line. Let’s jump into the notes and see what’s different in this update.

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New Exotic Six Shooter Pistol

Patch 16.40 introduced a brand new Exotic weapon, purchasable only from a non-player character (NPC) on the map. Epic brought the Six Shooter back after an extended stay in the vault. It hadn’t resurfaced since Season X and has now become the latest Exotic weapon in Season 6. Epic created this rarity in Chapter 2 – Season 5 with weapons like Chug Canon and Shadow Tracker. Refer to our guide to learn where you can find the Exotic Six Shooter Pistol.

The Dub Vaulted

This update saw The Dub exit the Season 6 loot pool, meaning the Dummy NPC will no longer sell an Exotic weapon. This weapon debuted Season 5 and stuck around through the Season 6 transition. Competitive players are happy to see The Dub leave. It will be much more difficult for teams to take height without investing their materials.

New Point of Interest (POI) – Isla Nublada

An image of the Fortnite map with the new POI, Isla Nublada, located off of the coast, showing where the NPC Orelia can be found.

For the first time in a long time, Epic Games introduced a new location in Fortnite. While this is not a primary POI, players can locate Isla Nublada south of Flush Factory, as shown above. It doesn’t have a whole lot to offer outside of a free Legendary Assault Rifle. However, to acquire it, you must eliminate Orelia, a new NPC that spawns at this location. You can also unlock the Gold Anniversary Lara Croft style by landing here. Refer to our guide for more on that!

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Bunker Chest Spawns Increased

Fortnite leaker HYPEX revealed that Bunker Chest spawns have been increased from 60% to 80%. That means Fortnite players should find these newly implemented chests more frequently. Several of these spawn across the map but can be somewhat challenging to locate.

Bug Fixes

Here are all of the bugs that Epic addressed in this update as per their Trello board:


  • Visual issues on Toon Meowscles and similarly-styled Outfits on certain platforms.
  • Cannot create system-level parties between PS5 and PS4 when playing Fortnite.
  • Trail color of the Harmonic Axes Pickaxe doesn’t always match the selected Style.

Battle Royale

  • Landing at a different location than intended.
  • Long-pressing the Inventory Button selects first Craftable item.
  • “Hunt Wildlife” Quest not tracking progress properly.


  • HUD displaying incorrect memory cost before placing device or Gallery.
  • Build not properly editing when building/editing fast in Creative
  • Prop-O-Matic features not functioning correctly.
  • “Recent Islands” list does not update.
  • Small white boxes appear on Consumable thumb


  • Players cannot change their custom controller settings while playing Nintendo Switch in docked mode

That covers all of the critical changes in patch v16.40. There’s a lot to explore, so be sure to update your Fortnite game and drop in to experience the latest update!

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