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The new Skullgirls character has a living umbrella that eats people


May 9, 2021

The new character coming to fighting game Skullgirls this year is Umbrella, a little girl in a raincoat who wields as a weapon a living umbrella-like lovecraftian horror that eats people. Umbrella is the second new character for Skullgirls this year after Annie, who released in beta form in March.  Both Umbrella and Annie are part of the Skullgirls season pass, a first for the long-running fighting game.

Umbrella’s weapon’s name is Hungern, and apparently it eats ice cream and also people. It’s not just lore, either, and Umbrella’s fighting style will revolve around how full or hungry Hungern is. When Hungern is Starving, attacks that involve eating your opponent will do more damage. When Hungern is Overfull, attacks involving spitting something up will do more. There’s also a sweet spot, called Ravenous, and the announcement implies that staying in that zone is where Umbrella is most powerful.

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