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Mom Hid My Game! 2 [Switch] Review – Parent Trap


May 9, 2021

Nobody expected a Mom Hid My Game sequel. Yet here we are. And somehow this follow up manages to justify its existence.

An incredibly simple puzzle game, Mom Hid My Game! 2 sees you solving short stages set over no more than two screens.

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The end goal is to retrieve your handheld from the clutches of your tyrannical mother, who can often be found hiding away somewhere. Crazy dame.

Initially puzzles are as basic as getting a stepladder to reach a higher shelf, but they soon get far more obtuse and bizarre.

Make no mistake, this is a game which proudly flaunts its Japanese sensibilities. Which is generally very welcome – as some of the scenarios and solutions are laugh out loud funny.

There’s one or two that rely a little too much on trial and error – and the penultimate puzzle relies on you knowing a Japanese word-game not hugely popular in the West – but usually you can find a strain of logic in how things are supposed to play out.

The game’s wacky nature is supported by the visuals, which are almost insultingly simple. Yet they work, making the whole experience seem like a gentle fever dream. If that’s not too much of an oxymoron anyway.

There’s even a hint system in place, but even without it this is not a long game. It took us barely an hour to whisk through the fifty levels.

The low price helps soften this a tad, but there’s still the fact there are three Mom Hid My Game titles available on mobile already – and all free to download.

Still, Mom Hid My Game! 2 offers just enough to be worth a go on console. It’s nothing revolutionary, and some may find it a little too bizarre – but for its low price tag it offers an experience that’s like nothing else on the Switch. 

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