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LenTalk Requests Guide – How to Complete Every Request and All Rewards – New Pokemon Snap Wiki Guide


May 9, 2021

All Founja Jungle (Night) LenTalk Requests
How to Complete
Resting Its Wings
Yanmega always looks so busy, flitting here and there. I’d love to see what it looks like when it’s actually resting.
Located near the beginning of the course, next to Arbok in the tree, you’ll be able to snap a photo of Yanmega fast asleep.
– – –
Bounsweet’s Amazing Journey
Hey, let’s have a contest to see who can take the best photo of Bounsweet!
Play a Melody at the beginning of the course and watch as you wake the sleeping Bounsweet. As a result, the two Bounsweet will fly into Ariados’ web. Wake Ariados by throwing several Fluffruit and snap a photo of scared Bounsweets.
– – –
Why So Still?
Hmmm, that Swampert isn’t moving at all. Do you suppose it’s not feeling well?
When Leafeon stops by the Swamp Path, throw a Fluffruit at Leafeon and watch as it passes through the long grass. Once Leafeon is beneath the three Ariados that are hanging from the tree above, play a Melody to wake them up. The Ariados will lower themselves down and Leafeon will flee into the nearby Swamp. You’ll want to snap a photo as Swampert wakes and starts playing with Leafeon.
– – –
Tonight’s Dinner
Does Morelull ever eat anything other than sap? Like Fluffruit, for example.
Snap a photo of Morelull eating a Fluffruit behind the Waterfall.
– – –
Tree-Dwelling Pokemon
When that huge tree lit up, I saw a bunch of Pokemon fly out of it! But I couldn’t tell what kinda Pokemon they were!
Hidden on a branch, behind several leaves, you will find a Crystabloom high above the Ancient Ruins. If you’re struggling to find the Crystabloom, look for the single Toucannon that’s sitting next to it. When using an Illumina Orb on the Crystabloom, snap a photo as the Toucannon fly from the tree. If you missed the opportunity, don’t worry too much as you’ll spot them flying along the path near the end of the course.
– – –
Where’s the Fruit?
Pikipek’s fruit appears to be missing from it’s storage hole. It was there earlier in the day. What do you suppose happened to it?
When stopping by the first Crystabloom on Research Level 2, hit Leafeon with a Fluffruit.
Use the Swamp Route and you will find Slacking roaming the area. Using Scan, watch as Slacking begins to follow the path, moving away from the swamp. You will want to keep scanning the area until Slacking reaches a tree with a hole in its trunk.
Once you reach the tree, snap a photo as Slacking reaches in to grab some fruit from Pikipek’s storage.
– – –
Arbok Falls, Asleep
I heard a really loud noise, and it got me wondering… Do you think Arbok ever falls out of its tree when it’s sleeping?
Throw several Fluffruit at the sleeping Arbok in the tree at the beginning of the course. As Arbok falls out of the tree, snap a photo.
– – –
A Figure of Beauty
I saw Liepard standing up on its hind legs! I wasn’t able to get a picture of it, though. I hope I get another chance to see it.
When first starting the course, look for the sleeping Arkbok in the tree above the fallen log bridge. Wake Arbok by throwing Fluffruit directly at it until it falls to the ground. Arbok falling will startle a nearby Liepard and you’ll catch a glimpse as it runs off.
Behind the long grass in which Arbok fell into on the right, you will notice a Liepard. Throw an Illumina Orb at it to make it run away.
As you continue heading down the path towards the swamp, you’ll notice the Liepard run in front of the NEO-ONE.
Once you reach the group of Liepard, throw an Illumina Orb at one and snap a photo as it stands on its hind legs. Capturing this pose will earn you a 4-Star photo.
– – –
Triple Threat
I saw a Yanmega fly away from this area. Did something happen here?
When first starting the course, play a Melody for the Yanmega that’s above the NEO-ONE. As you reach the Swamp Route, play the Melody once again and watch as Yanmega flies towards the swamp. Take the Swamp route and use an Illumina Orb on the Ariados that’s inside the tunnel on your left. This will cause the Ariados to start fighting with the Yanmega, so snap away!
– – –
An Unusual Spot
I usually think of Ledian eating in midair as it flies, but I wonder if it ever eats on land. Could you look into that for me?
Once you have crashed to the ground to unlock the alternate path that leads past the Ancient Ruins on the ground, throw an Illumina Orb at the Crystabloom to attract the Ledian to the area.
Once the Ledian are in the area, throw down some Fluffruit by the Ledian that’s walking around. As the Ledian picks up the fruit, snap a photo to complete the request.
Todd’s Shoe

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