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A new mod series adds the trappings of Mass Effect to RimWorld


May 9, 2021

The hands-down best modding team for RimWorld is working on a spate of new content from the Mass Effect universe, putting the “story, races, objects, and conflicts of Mass Effect” into the sci-fi colony management and survival strategy game. The goal of the mod series is to drop the things of Mass Effect into RimWorld as though they belong there, not reskin the whole game. The core mod for RimEffect is now on the Steam Workshop, and this first of many adds… a lot.

The core mod focuses on adding the Systems Alliance as an Ultratech faction in RimWorld. That means all manner of Mass Effect-y weapons and armor show up, as well as Mass Effect styles of buildings and furniture. There’s also a whole new way of building, using prefabricated panels, that makes putting up new structures a snap if you’ve invested time and effort into the creation of the panel elements.

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