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Twitter detectives think Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil got in a fight


May 8, 2021

When cameras at Citi Field caught a commotion in the Mets dugout tunnel, speculation over a fight between Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil exploded.

Things got feisty in the Mets dugout while they battled the Diamondbacks on Friday night.

In the middle of the seventh inning, the broadcast noted a situation in the tunnel.

It was described as “a bit of commotion.”

It’s clear something happened in the tunnel. Immediate speculation followed about Lindor and McNeil being at each other’s throats over an early miscommunication on a ground ball.

However, per Lindor, there was no drama between he and McNeil.

I…have no idea whether to take this seriously or not. The rats do get huge in NYC, so…sure?

Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil may have been involved in…something

The interesting thing is Lindor came out to bat in the bottom of the seventh and hit a home run to tie the game at 4-4. Whatever did happen couldn’t have been that bad.

That was Lindor’s second home run for the Mets. If the dust-up put him in a place to break out of the slump to start his New York career, then maybe it was for the best.

In any case, it’s not clear there was a dust-up at all. It’s not even clear if Lindor or McNeil were involved.

What matters for the Mets is coming away with a victory to pull themselves above .500. They’re in second place in the NL East behind the Phillies, with the Marlins and Braves not far behind.

It would help if Lindor got going. He had two hits and two RBI in the first nine innings. McNeil went 1-for-5.

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