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How to Unlock All Illumina Orbs – New Pokemon Snap Wiki Guide


May 8, 2021

Last Edited: 8 May 2021 1:15 amThis page is part of IGN’s New Pokemon Snap Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about using Illumina Orbs, and also how to get them all for each island in New Pokemon Snap: Florio, Belusylva, Maricopia, Voluca, Durice, and Aurus. This page covers where to find every glowing crystabloom in New Pokemon Snap, too!
Professor Mirror will give you Illumina orbs that work on a particular island after you have photographed a glowing crystabloom also on that island in New Pokemon Snap. The data gathered from that photo is all they need!
You will unlock your first Illumina orbs upon photographing a Crystabloom in both the Florio and Belusylva regions.
Florio Illumina OrbsFind the glowing crystabloom on Florio at the Florio Nature Park (Night) course at the end in the flower field. You can also photograph the Crystabloom in the Florion Nature Park Illumina Spot, instead!
Belusylva Illumina Orbs – CrystabloomThe Belusylva crystabloom is hard to miss. In the Founja Jungle (Night) course, keep an eye to the right after reaching the waterfall. A Quagsire will be next to the glowing crystabloom.
Maricopia Illumina Orbs – CrystabloomYou won’t be able to unlock Maricopia Island’s Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap until you unlock the Lental Seafloor – Undersea course by getting both Blushing Beach (Day) and Maricopia Reef (Day to Research Level 2.

Once unlocked, go to the Lental Seafloor – Undersea course and look to the right among the seaweed. Wake the sleeping Lumineon with a Fluffruit, then photograph the Crystabloom.
advertisementVoluca Illumina Orbs – CrystabloomYou’ll find Voluca crystabloom at Sweltering Sands (Night). On the path to the right of the oasis (the default path), look to the caves to the right. You should see the glowing crystabloom on a ledge here.
Durice Illumina Orbs – CrystabloomThe glowing crystabloom for Durice is, again, found during a night course – the Shiver Snowfields (Night course. In the second area, after climbing a steep and snowy slope, look out for a crevasse in the floor. There’s a glowing crystabloom on the floor below.
Aurus Illumina Orbs – CrystabloomThis one is easy to spot in the first area of Ruins of Remembrance. Though it’s daytime here, it will still inexplicably be glowing.
Snap a photo of the crystabloom in the first area, up on the edge of a cliff, to unlock the Illumina orbs for Aurus.
How to Use Illumina OrbsIllumina Orbs are used on Pokemon to create an Illumina Phenomenon, which will allow you to potentially witness some special and extraordinary moments.
You can throw Illumina Orbs by pressing the Y button.

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