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Goats of Warding Locations – Resident Evil 8 Village Wiki Guide


May 8, 2021

Last Edited: 7 May 2021 8:03 pmGoats of Warding LocationsBelow, you’ll find details on where each goat is located and how to find them, in the order they can be found during the story.
Goat of Warding 1Goat of Warding 1 Location: In the village square inside a shrine behind the Maiden of War statue and some gravestonesThis Goat of Warding isn’t missable, as you’ll notice it quickly when first coming into the village. As you move up the path to the Graveyard, you’ll find it bobbling in the small shrine on your right.Goat of Warding 2Goat of Warding 2 Location: On top of the village church with the Save RoomAs you enter the yard with the church, be sure to look up onto the roof of the building, and checking the left side, you should spot another Goat of Warding perched on top that you can snipe. This is an easy one to miss, but will remain in its same spot with each return visit to the village.
advertisementGoat of Warding 3Goat of Warding 3 Location: On top of a stone wall on the far left upper side of the Fallow Field, left of the gate to Luiza’s HomeIf you stick to the far left side of the Fallow Plot, you can hop a small fence and move up a small path to a stone wall behind a shack. Though it’s a dead end, look on the stone wall to spot another wooden goat you can shoot with your handgun. It’s easy to miss this one, especially when distracted by Lycans.
Goat of Warding 4Goat of Warding 4 Location: In the Vineyard in front of the castle along the rocky walls, before meeting The DukeAs you explore the creepy vineyard outside, check along the walls near the “scarecrows” to spot a goat along the rocky outcroppings, and shoot it to break the bobbling trinket. This is another tricky one to find, and can be missed pretty easily. If you listen carefully, you can usually hear them, too!
Goat of Warding 5Goat of Warding 5 Location: At the entrance to the Distillery in Castle Dimitrescu before going into the bloodwine watersAs you descend into the depths of the Distillery, look near the candles to spot another bobbling goat you can destroy. This one makes some fairly loud noises, so it’s easy to spot once you’re down there.
Goat of Warding 6Goat of Warding 6 Location: In the Attic of Castle Dimitrescu after climbing a ladder up the secret passage in the AtelierOnce you enter the Attic, look around from where you came up to spy another bobbling Goat nearby behind the ladder among some boxes. This is another one that’s easy to find simple by listening for it.
Goat of Warding 7Goat of Warding 7 Location: On the Lone Road leading from the Ceremony Site to the Village, under the bridge in a small dark roomThere’s another Lycan down by the docks below you can get the drop on, and if you search the small dark room nearby, you’ll find a noisy Goat of Warding to break. This one is easy to miss while searching around by the docks.
Goat of Warding 8Goat of Warding 8 Location: In the cemetery behind the Village church, in the top right corner behind a mausoleum (requires Iron Insignia Key)Be sure to look around the graveyard for a Herb, a crate to break, and a Goat of Warding behind one of the mausoleums in the back. This one can be easily missed if you’re not searching every corner.
Goat of Warding 9Goat of Warding 9 Location: Next to the musician’s house in the Village, between the house and shack on a small firewood pileLook between Luthier’s house and the shack to find a small area, and on top of a firewood pile you can find another goat to shoot. This one isn’t easy to miss. You’ll hear it bobbling around while outside!
Goat of Warding 10Goat of Warding 10 Location: Past Potter’s Field heading to the Beneviento Estate, as you pass the rickety bridge, look on the bridge to the leftAs you reach the incredibly nerve-wracking suspension bridge, fear not, it will hold. More importantly, if you look to the left at another bridge, you can spy a Goat of Warding to snipe from your location before crossing the bridge. This one isn’t easy to miss, as it’ll be very visible against the foggy background.
Goat of Warding 11Goat of Warding 11 Location: Outside House Beneviento on the railing overlooking the falls, just beyond the fenceBefore entering, you can search the cliffside to find a small set of stairs to overlook the waterfall, and there’s another Goat of Warding just behind the fence you can break. If you don’t go searching around the house before entering, though, this is an easy one to miss.
Goat of Warding 12Goat of Warding 12 Location: Around the first windmill you access after the Reservoir amid a pile of logs near the entrance insideBe sure to look around at the other side of the windmill to find a Goat of Warding that’s hiding among a pile of logs. This is a pretty easy one to find while walking around the windmill.
Goat of Warding 13Goat of Warding 13 Location: During the sequence through the flooded fishing village dodging Moreau, look for large tall planks of woods between the main buildings and the broken windmill to spot a goat perched on topThis is a tough one to spot, but look out across the water from the building with the minecarts towards the broken windmill in the distance to spot some large wooden beams sticking vertically out of the water like a ship’s mast. At the top of these planks is a lone goat perched precariously, and you’ll need to snipe it from a distance.
Goat of Warding 14Goat of Warding 14 Location: After defeating Moraeu, return to where you found the boat to go down through the drained windmill and look to the leftAs you exit the other side of the mill, look to the left for a Goat of Warding perched right on some rocks. This is a fairly easy one to spot.
Goat of Warding 15Goat of Warding 15 Location: Under Otto’s Mill in a small shrineUnder the mill itself, look for a small shrine in the middle of the stream to find another goat you can destroy. You can see it glowing a bit from afar, so it’s not too hard to miss.
Goat of Warding 16Goat of Warding 16 Location: There’s a goat behind some buckets on the right when coming down the winding stairwell in the StrongholdOnce you reach the bottom of the stairwell, look along the railing to the right to spot a bobbling Goat of Warding to smash before moving on. If you’re rushing through, it can be easy to miss. Listen closely!
Goat of Warding 17Goat of Warding 17 Location: At the top of the Grinder Shaft in the Factory, barely poking out behind a bulldozer plate along the wall – can also be reached at the end of the ventilation shaftWhile in the Ventilation area, head to the very edge overlooking the Grinder Shaft where some bulldozer blades keep the scrap back, and wedged in them you can find a little lost bobbling goat to destroy.
Goat of Warding 18Goat of Warding 18 Location: Wedged against one of the red support girders as you ride the lift between B1 and B3, can be sniped from up the ladder outside the lift on level MB3This is a tricky wooden goat to spot. Take a look out the open lift door as you ride down with The Duke. In between B1 and B3, there’s a goat perched along the red support girders going down. You’ll either need to be quick to spot and shoot it, or you can try climbing the ladder outside the lift on B3 and looking back to spot it above and snipe it.
Goat of Warding 19Goat of Warding 19 Location: In a small secret room after you defeat Sturm, crawl through a vent to the right of Heisenberg’s Diary and Cigar to find itAfter defeating Sturm and finding Heisenberg’s Diary and Cigar, you’ll hear a goat bobbling around. If you look at your map, you’ll spot a small room nearby, and if you look around there’s a small open vent to the right of the diary that you can crawl through. Here, you’ll find a goat on top of a barrel.
Goat of Warding 20Goat of Warding 20 Location: During the finale, after Chris plants the detonator on the megamycete, look to the right of the large organism for a pool of water with black root spikes, and the statue of a lady in the distance, at her feet is the goatAfter you attach the detonator to the megamycete, if you look to the right there’s a really dark pool of water full of spiky roots, and a large statue. The goat is at the base.

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