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Castle Dimitrescu – Resident Evil 8 Village Wiki Guide


May 8, 2021

As Ethan is subjected to a very interesting discussion between the “Lords” of this region on who gets to have some fun with him, the strange man named Heisenberg will be named the winner by their leader – Mother Miranda.You won’t have long to make sense of it all before Heisenberg starts his own version of The Running Man with you as the main attraction.
Escape Heisenberg’s GamesAs soon as you drop into the pit, start sprinting down the corridor and evading the enemies appearing at the sides. When you reach a fork in the road, turn a hard left to avoid incoming Lycans, and interact with the wooden beams to create a path forward.
You’ll have to drop down into a narrow platform over a pit, so keep moving forward and sprint past the archers until you are ambushed again and fall deeper into the caverns.
With barely enough time to recover from your fall, the spiked ceiling above you will start to come crashing down, so waste no time in moving to the wall in front of you to kick away the wooden planks and crouch into the next hallway.
Once you drop down into the next big room, things will get even more dire as spinning blades start coming for you – with no way to pass them. In order to survive, look back at the wall you just dropped down from, and one corner will have the smallest of alcoves to hide in as the blades draw close – but not close enough to kill you.
advertisementOnce the trap breaks down, you’ll be able to crawl through to the other side, and inspect two crates that were shredded to find some loot’. Move forward through several small rooms and corridors filled with inert traps – it seems they all think you’re dead, as the place is deserted and devoid of enemies.
Finally, you’ll reach a door to unlock that will take you right back to the room you first met Heisenberg, and you can now use the lever to open the way forward.
Look for Rose in the CastleGoat of Warding – As you explore the creepy vineyard outside, check along the walls near the “scarecrows” to spot a goat along the rocky outcroppings, and shoot it to break the bobbling trinket.
The small Vineyard has a few creepy scarecrows and a Herb, but not much else, so continue up to meet a very interesting merchant.
The Duke, as he’s called, can provide services that include buying and selling a variety of items, as well as upgrading your weapons. You probably don’t have too much Lei at this point, so it might be best either to just sell some treasure you’ve found, or buy the Shotgun Ammo recipe.
Castle Dimitrescu EntranceLeave the Duke behind (you haven’t seen the last of him), and enter the castle proper. You’ll arrive in a modest entrance hall with a painting of three women, the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu. While you are no longer able to go back the way you came, you can start vandalizing the property in earnest.
Be sure to check the entrance hall for an urn you can break, and a cabinet with glass you can break to reach some Gunpowder. There’s also a lift room to the right with some Lei on a table, but with the lift inoperative, head left instead and sneak a peek at the Guest Book File before moving through the door.
Most of the doors you pass here will be locked, forcing you on a narrow path – but at least you can break another urn. You’ll be drawn into a great hall with a small staircase and some sort of door with an inscription.
However, before you can make sense of it all, the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu will introduce themselves – rather painfully – before taking you to their mother.
After the ensuing cutscene, you’ll be left to hang around and wait for them to come back – which you should probably not do. As painful as it’s going to be, you’ll need to look up at your right hand and interact with it to free yourself, and finally get back on your feet. Thankfully, Ethan seems to be made of some pretty stern stuff.

Before you leave the bedchamber, pick up the Crimson Glass from a nearby table, and cautiously make your way back towards the Hall of the Four.Note – Be on the lookout for such treasure as you continue to explore the areas around the village. These items can vary in where they are found, but will sell for a premium price to The Duke, and won’t take up any extra space in your inventory. Some can even be combined to sell for much more than they would go for separately.The door past the other room is locked, as is a nearby drawer, but to escape you can look towards a fireplace grate and crouch down to find a hidden passage beyond.
Grab some Rusted Scrap on the left as you enter the narrow crawl space, and move to the end of the hall to find a statue holding a Maroon Eye Ring, and the statue will pivot to reveal a secret passage back to the castle halls.
As you exit the secret passage, open a drawer opposite you to grab some Chem Fluid, and then turn to break a glass cabinet and gain a Crystal Fragment. The door to your left leads back to the hall you were abducted in, but you can also head back down the hall to unlock the doors to the bedchamber, and look for some Gunpowder in another drawer near the door.
In the Hall of the Four, it won’t be long before four angel statues appear out of the ground with different markings where their heads should be – a puzzle that prevents you from leaving the castle, and you’ll have to come back with the right tools later on. For now, take a look through the small door opposite where you came in to find the Merchant’s Room, where The Duke has now taken up residence in a Safe Room.
You can buy or sell some extra wares, save, and also take note of the Labyrinth Puzzle in this room, and the nearby note, The Labyrinths File.
Find Dimitrescu’s ChambersYour best bet of finding your daughter currently lies in Dimitrescu’s room, but to get there you’re going to need to search up and down this expansive castle.
Thankfully, the doors to the Main Hall have been unlocked, and you can now head up to the large room, and unlock the door leading back to the Entrance Hall.
Near the door to the entrance hall, look for a drawer containing Handgun Ammo, and an urn in the far corner to break. The door beyond is currently locked, so make your way up the stairs to the second level.
Head into the Wine Room and grab the Chem Fluid on the barrel, and check the main table for the Winemaking History File that mentions a valuable bottle adorned with silver flowers, much like the bottle stand at the end of the room.
Back in the upper Main Floor, look to the right for some urns you can break, and a locked door.
Moving to the other side of the upper floor, stop to look at a large portrait of a man with his hand extended. The top of the frame gleams – and you can shoot it to gain a Crystal Fragment.
Once you’ve broken the last urn, inspect the locked Prioress Door that’s missing an eye. If you played the Maiden Demo, this will be very familiar. Look in your Key Items and inspect the Maroon Eye Ring, and examine it to gain the Maroon Eye, which you can then place in the door.
However, as soon as you enter, you’ll be assaulted by one of Dimitrescu’s daughters, who wants nothing more than to drain out all of your wonderful blood. Don’t bother trying to run back to the Main Hall, and don’t waste your bullets – they won’t have any effect (besides slowing her down just a bit).
Instead, continue down the corridor you just unlocked. An insect swarm will prevent you from using the door again, so run down and take a quick left into a Dressing Room. Before she can give chase, move to the back of the room and destroy the weak wall to find a secret passage with a pit – and jump in before the vampiress can reach you.
Castle Dimitrescu – BasementIn this underground passage, you’ll be safe from her advances for the moment. As you move through the old room, look for a tray table with A Maid’s Diary File you can read to get an important clue about Dimitresu’s daughters.
Moving down the stairs, grab some Rusted Scrap from an alcove as you move closer to the music, and crouch down at the end to find a small hole leading to a room a certain lady of the castle just happens to be leaving, carrying what appears to be the silver-adorned bottle you need.
With Dimitrescu gone, look on a table near where you crawled out to get some Handgun Ammo, and move around the Tasting Room to the next set of stairs.
Note the ceiling as you enter the sloping hall – there’s another glow in the ceiling you can shoot to get another Crystal Fragment.
Further into the Wine Cellar, crack open a nearby crate, and make your way into the Hall of War. What seems like a dead end is actually a puzzle, the clue to which can be found as you turn around. “Trust the light.”
Get to trusting with the light by moving into the hanging brazier to push it towards each of the pillars on the side. Push them all the way, and each will light up when it touches the hanging fire. Once both are lit, the way will be made clear.
You’ll be down in the prison now, which is eerily silent. Move through the first row of cells until you reach a blockade, and check on the right for a Treatment Candidates File. Head left through a cell with a broken wall to get around the barricade, and search the opposite cell for another letter, an Observation Report File.
Once you reach the larger open room lined with cells and hanging body bags, you’ll likely hear that you’re not alone down here anymore. Before proceeding on, check each of the cells along the walls for crates to break’.
Slowly enter the next hallway, and ready yourself, as three bloodless ghouls called the Moroaica will start shambling out to greet you. These enemies are slower than Lycans, but will often try to swarm you and swing some deadly looking weapons around.
Slowly backpedal into the previous rooms as you aim for the head when possible. If they get too close, you can also shoot their arms and legs to disarm and stun them to get some breathing room, otherwise lead them on a chase through the wider previous room, and be prepared to block their strikes and shove them back when needed.
Once the first group has fallen, head back into the hall and search the cell on the left for some Lei and move along the broken cell walls towards another crate – but watch for a hole in the wall at the end where another Moroaica will crawl out of – and unload on her before she gets up.
Grabbing the Pipe Bomb from the crate where the Moroaica crawled out of, see if you can get any use out of it as you move into the Chamber of Solace.
Move forward through the room quickly until you see several Moroaicas coming out of the cells to greet you – then backpedal and toss your pipe bomb to try and catch the entire group, and mop up the rest after the explosion!
Loot the corpses as they turn to dust – which should include a trinket from the Maiden Demo, Ingrid’s Necklace, and grab some Shotgun Ammo on a nearby barrel before you move towards a hole in the ceiling, where another Moroaica or two should shamble out. You should have a lot more room to let them stumble towards you as you take some well placed headshots. Finally, search the cells on the right wall for Handgun Ammo and Rusted Scrap.
As you move into the next dungeon area, there’s a mysterious locked door up ahead, but as you turn right you’ll run into one of Dimitrescu’s daughters. To escape, you’ll need to quickly navigate the maze of bars and get around her to the exit.
Dimitrescu’s Daughters – First FightBack up to let her come through the first gate, then run right to the far wall and through a broken wall back towards the middle. She’ll likely try and ambush you here, so either duck past her, shoot to disperse her, or time a block and dart right again to the far wall, move left and take the stairs to get away.
The vampiric young lady will keep following you – so hurry past the items for now as you go up the stairs and to the right, and you’ll find a weak wooden wall to interact with. Before you can get away, she’ll launch you into the next room – but in the ensuing struggle her weakness will be realized.
With the extreme cold blowing in, she won’t be able to dodge your bullets anymore, so take the opportunity to swap to your shotgun and unload a bunch of slugs into her face. She may be slower now, but she can still fight, and will swing wildly with her sickle. You can try sidestepping her to strafe around the room, but if you get cornered, time your block to punch and force her back, and let off a few rounds while she’s stunned.

There’s more Handgun Ammo on a table on the side of the room, and on the shelf in the back. use them if you get low, and keep unloading shots until she finally starts to freeze in place, and eventually she’ll shatter at your feet, leaving behind a Crystal Torso you can sell to The Duke. One daughter down, two to go.Note – Not only are breaking the windows a key component of making Dimitrescu’s daughters vulnerable, there’s also an achievement / trophy in it for you if you can break every window possible in the castle (you can tell they can be broken if they aren’t covered by curtains). You can shoot the other window in this room to get started on this task.If you escaped the basement rather quickly, you can head back now to find Chem Fluid on a barrel by the passage entrance, some Shotgun Ammo by the stairs down, as well as more ammo and Lei in the crates back in the maze.
Moving into the kitchen, be sure to grab the Sanguis Virginis from the bloody bowl, and then check a nearby cabinet for A Cook’s Diary File. Before leaving the kitchen, smash the crate, and check the fireplace for some Rusted Scrap.
The real prize waits in the next hall – you can spy a small briefcase on a table next to a locked drawer, and opening the briefcase reveals your first Weapon Mod, the LEMI Recoil Compensator!
As for the locked drawer, be sure to search the table along the hall for a Lockpick – though it’s your choice if you want to unlock the drawer behind you for a Wooden Angel Statue you can sell for Lei, or head back to the bedchamber to unlock a drawer with Shotgun Ammo, just be sure to use it on one of them.
The Dining Room has a locked door leading to the Courtyard, but for now at least you can inspect the drawers on the far end for Gunpowder, and look carefully along the ceiling for a glowing spot to shoot and claim a Crystal Fragment.
Note – Even though you’ve defeated one, the other daughters of Dimitrescu will still haunt your footsteps from time to time, and may try to chase you in the areas around the Great Hall. Luckily, they move fairly slow, give up easily, and won’t go into the Dining Room or similarly cold areas nearby, giving you lots of places to escape.With the bottle of bloodwine in your hands, head back to the Main Hall and up toward the Tasting Room on the second floor, and place the Sanguis Virginis on its rightful stand to unlock a secret room that holds the Courtyard Key, as well as some Gunpowder.
Now would be a great time to head back to The Duke and save, sell the crystals and treasure’s you’ve accumulated, and buy some upgrades for your weapons – you’ve still got a lot more to explore in the castle, and it’s only going to get more dangerous!
Castle Dimitrescu – The Path to Dimitrescu’s ChambersUsing the Courtyard Key, head through the Dining Room into the large expansive open area. It’s a little too quiet, but thankfully there’s no danger to speak of yet. There’s an urn to the left with loot’, and one to the right as well. Searching the lower courtyard’s railing, you can pick up a Herb among the foliage, and spy an urn on the far side of the courtyard.
There’s also a small yellow birdcage hanging under the balcony on the south side of the courtyard you can shoot down for 1,000 Lei.
Since you can’t go through the door on the left, take the far right door to trail after the ominous lady of the castle as she heads upstairs. Once she’s gone, open a drawer on the left for Chem Fluid, and then move up the stairs to break an urn.
As you move into the grand hallway, you’ll hear Lady Dimitrescu raging behind a locked door, so you’ll need to find another way to get over to her room.
Opposite her room is a map of the main part of the castle – showing you that there’s a path to the Terrace to get behind her chambers, but the way won’t be that straightforward.
The end of the hall leading to the Terrace is blocked (but you can break open a glass cabinet to get some Gunpowder, and spot some Handgun Ammo in a drawer earlier in the hall). Instead, head into the Hall of Ablution to encounter your next puzzle.
The Hall of Ablution features a pool of blood surrounded by four different statues facing one another. In order to solve this puzzle, you’ll need to make the statues face a certain way – and the clue is in an engraving at the end of the room:
“Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances to give their lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow.”Since the women are blind to male advances, make sure both the noblewoman and hooded woman holding the wine face each other. And with the poor giving their lord their bounty, turn the group of men towards the man on the horse. The rider should still be facing the hooded woman, thus completing the puzzle and draining the pool.
Goat of Warding – As you descend into the depths of the Distillery, look near the candles to spot another bobbling goat you can destroy.
Carefully make your way through the bloody waters and grab some Rusted Scrap before moving through the narrow corridors, and note the Moroaica falling into the waters before disappearing. There’s a crate nearby’, and as you turn around to the next hallway, move slowly and you may notice small ripples emanating up ahead.
A Moroaica will pop out of the blood waters to grab at you, so quickly backpedal and unload into its face to put it down.
Moving into a larger area, one Moroaica will appear behind a line of barrels, while another will pop up down a corridor on the left. Try to take them out one at a time so you don’t get flanked, and then grab some Handgun Ammo by a barricade, and move to the next hall.
Watch for another Moroaica to pop up in front of a crate you can break, and then slowly move through the corridor to spot another Moroaica after the hanging bodies that will come up to lunge at you. Before moving into the next room, look to the right for some Metal Scrap.
There’s a larger distillery room here, and more Moroaicas will appear in the far corner – making it a great opportunity to plant a mine for them all to trip on as they stumble forward.
Look behind some boxes in the corner for Gunpowder, and break the last crate here, and then move up the stairs at the end but watch out for one last Moroaica trying to ambush you, and break the crate behind it before climbing back up to the Terrace.
Up on the Terrace, look behind you for a Herb, and then check out the small room for a Save Point and some Lei under the piano.
When you’re ready, cross the rickety balcony to eavesdrop on Lady Dimitrescu as she gets a call from her master – and note that she places a key under the candle holder. After she leaves the room, break a nearby urn on the balcony, and then head inside.
Rose is nowhere to be found, but you can at least check a sofa for Alcina Dimitrescu’s Diary File, and grab Dimitrescu’s Key from where she threw the vanity.
She’s locked the door she left through – so use the key on the main door, only to get caught in the act.
Castle Dimitrescu – DungeonsEthan will get thrown into the dungeons – literally. You’ll need to find a way back up, so start winding through the passages and pick up some Gunpowder from a bucket next to the cell, and loot a crate near a hole leading out into the Dungeon.
The Dungeon is vast, full of twists and turns, and too empty to be trusted. Note the gates all over the place, and move to the back right to find a crate with a lot of loot’, as well as Chem Fluid down nearby.
As you reach the first gate, you’ll soon find that Lady Dimitrescu is tired of letting you do what you please – and you’ve really gotta hand it to her brash interruption.
In order to survive, you’ll need to move as quickly as possible given the circumstances. Since you’re very much wounded, you’ll need to lure Lady Dimitrescu into charging forward before ducking into side passages to slip around past her. She can deal incredible damage, and after extending her claws, she’ll lunge forward – so be sure to duck around cover to put distance on her when she prepares for a lunge.
It’s very important to note that opening the gate you were trying earlier will still take some time, and you likely can’t just stand around waiting while Dimitrescu is on the rampage. Let her chase you around the pillars until you spot the gate has fully opened, and then make a mad sprint to the end of the next corridor, down the stairs, and into the Hall of Sorrow.
Grab the Mask of Sorrow, one of the four puzzle pieces needed to escape the castle, and the platform will lift back up to the Courtyard.
Thankfully, now that you have some distance on Lady Dimitrescu, Ethan will be able to rearm himself as the lift goes up.
Finding the Mask of JoyThe Courtyard is now teeming with Moroaicas. There are a lot of them, so it’s best not to stick around and let them beset you on all sides. It’s better that you either quickly run off back to The Duke, or utilize Dimitrescu’s Key to enter the door on the north side of the Courtyard.
You can also quickly run back to Dimitrescu’s chambers and check her bathroom that was locked before to find a drawer with treasure – Lady’s Lipstick.
Note – If you decide to return to The Duke he’ll give some more words of encouragement, but you should expect to start encountering Lady Dimitrescu often now. Much like Jack Baker or Mr. X, Lady Dimitrescu will start wandering the halls of the castle in an attempt to rip you to pieces. Bullets have no effect on her (other than making her pause to shake it off every so often), and her lunging claw swipes have a deadly reach and deal a ton of damage.
Things can get even worse if one of her daughters also shows up, so be prepared to either use the side passages to get around the Main Hall, or beat a hasty retreat to the Merchant’s Room where she won’t follow, and wait until she wanders off.
Crossing the Courtyard, use Dimitrescu’s Key to enter the foyer of the Opera Hall, and grab the Castle Map (Annex) from the wall across from you. The door downstairs is locked, so head up and break a glass cabinet at the top to grab some Gunpowder, then look in a nearby table for Handgun Ammo and the Grand Chambermaid’s Notice File before you enter the Opera Hall.
As you enter the upper balcony area, you’ll no doubt hear the noise of several Moroaicas lurking nearby. Pause for a moment and look at the ceiling above the small table here to shoot a shiny Crystal Fragment down to grab, then check the table at the far end to grab and inspect the Further Observations File.
Moving along the balcony, head left first into a small room where a Moroaica is waiting to grab you. After dispatching it, look near the disassembled labyrinth puzzle for a Flower Swords Ball, the item you need to interact with the labyrinth puzzle in the Merchant’s Room.
Head back around the other side of the balcony and watch for more Moroaicas around the stairs going down, and note the locked drawer at the top of the stairs that holds Sniper Rifle Ammo. There’s an urn at the bottom of the stairs, as well as Rusted Scrap in the fireplace, Gunpowder on a chair in the corner, and an Insect Observations Journal File on a small table.
Turn your attention to the piano for a small and easy puzzle. You need to match the piano keys to the sheet music displayed in order to solve the puzzle. If you don’t read sheet music – not to worry, as pressing a key will show you how close you are to the actual note, and you need only go to the right to go higher, or left to go lower. Once you hit the right note, you’ll move onto the next, so you don’t have to get all the notes in one flawless string.
Numbering the keys from left to right, the correct sequence is:
15, 12, 14, 13, 13, 16, 15, 16, 17, 17.Completing the puzzle will unlock a small slot in the piano that holds the Iron Insignia Key, unlocking even more areas of the castle for you.
With the new key in hand, unlock the far door – but be wary should Lady Dimitrescu appear to try and pursue you, and double back the long way through the Opera Hall if you need to. She’ll stop giving chase as you use the Iron Insignia Key on the Library Door – but only because someone else is waiting for you.
Dimitrescu’s Daughters – Second FightAnother of Dimitrescu’s Daughters is waiting to slice you up in the Library, and there’s no escape until you defeat her.
Ethan appears to be too polite to pull back the thick curtains on the windows in this room, but there is a massive skylight, and the key to her demise lies with it. Look around the center of the room’s small wooden pillars near the far door to spot a small handle you can pull. Doing this will slowly open the skylight, letting all that frigid air into the room and leaving the daughter vulnerable to attack.
She’ll likely panic when this happens, and start trying to run around the room to evade you, or alternate attacking you with her sickle if you get too close, so utilize the shotgun to interrupt her advances, and take shots from afar with the handgun when she runs.
Note that the skylight controls are timed, so keep an ear open to hear them slowly close again. As soon as the skylight closes, race back to the controls to open it once more and keep her vulnerable until she slowly stops moving and crystallizes, leaving another Crystal Torso. Two down.
There’s plenty ammo here to grab if you need it, including Handgun Ammo in a back wall drawer, and on one of the shelves facing the center, and Shotgun Ammo on a shelf facing the wall.
Leaving the Library behind, you’ll enter the Hall of Joy, which holds the second mask you need to get out of this castle – the Mask of Joy.
Now that you have the Flower Swords Ball, this is a good time to dip back to the Merchant’s Room and try your hand at the Labyrinth Puzzle. It’s a fairly straightforward game – tilt the large castle to roll the ball and try to land in the hole with the red flag.
You can do this by rolling the ball left and then down, then carefully to the right to cross the raising and lowering bridges. After rolling it up, slowly move to the left to avoid the several false holes in the middle – as long as you move slowly, you can have the ball hug the bottom lip to reach the hole with the red flag. This will reward you with a Crimson Skull, worth 8,000 Lei.
Finding the Mask of PleasureThere’s two more masks to find, and they can be done in either order – but there’s a good reason to go after the Mask of Pleasure first.
Skirt around the Main Hall’s upper floors to the south side where you escaped into the prison earlier – but this time use Dimitrescu’s Key at the end of the long hallway. You’ll end up in the Hall of Pleasure, and the ladies won’t follow you in. However, you won’t be able to just walk away once you grab the Mask of Pleasure, as the door will seal unless something is adorning the statue.
Look around the room, and break an urn, and check a nearby drawer for a Silver Ring (but don’t sell it as is just yet!). There’s also a sparkling Crystal Fragment on the ceiling you can shoot down.
Looking carefully, you can spot a hole in the fireplace you can crawl through that leads to a secret passageway with some Rusted Scrap on a shelf.
Dimitrescu’s Daughters – Third FightThe last of the three daughters will ambush you in the Armory, and there are no breakable windows or skylights to speak of – but there is a large crack in the wall coming from behind a shelf.
As soon as the fight begins, dart past the daughter to the shelf and pull it aside to spot a weak stone wall you need to open somehow.
Run to the far right table to find several Pipe Bombs, and quickly toss one at the crack with light coming through it. The blast will rupture the stone wall, letting all that wonderful cold air inside.
The fight will play out much the same as the others – in her vulnerable state, you can keep her from attacking with well-placed shotgun blasts, or get some distance and unload with your pistol – or even another Pipe Bomb if you find yourself low on ammo. There’s also more Shotgun Ammo and Handgun Ammo on the barrels in the room.
She can still deal major damage, so be ready to block and push her back if she starts swinging, then backpedal and open fire until she begins to wildly swing around while crystallizing.
Finally, all three daughters will trouble you no more.
You still need a way out of the Hall of Pleasure, so look around and be sure to grab the Lockpick where the Pipe Bombs were, then look up at the top of the wall to find a Mounted Animal Skull.
Grab it, and inspect the head to find a screw at the back you can take out, giving you the Animal Skull with the same four points as the Mask of Joy.
Replace it on the large sculpture, and you’re free to go.
Finding the Mask of RageThere’s only one mask left, and you’ll need to go to great heights to reach it. Return to the Main Hall and slink around back to the Hall of Joy, and then duck into the Atelier (Lady D won’t follow you here, thankfully).
Inside you’ll find Handgun Ammo in a large class cabinet, a very imposing portrait of Lady Dimitrescu, and another painting with five bells and a note, “Let the five bells of this chamber ring out”. In order to proceed, you must find and strike each bell – a fire will light to confirm, and you can find them in the following locations:
Just below the small staircase on a small table.On top of the large glass cabinet that held the ammoSwinging back and forth through the holes in the wall alongside the gearsOn top of the chandelierThrough the skylight off in the distance in view from the balcony at the top of the short stairsOnce all five are struck, the large portrait will move aside, revealing a path forward.
As you enter the passage, look in an urn on the left to grab a Herb, then climb the long ladder into the Attic.
Goat of Warding – Once you enter the Attic, look around from where you came up to spy another bobbling Goat nearby behind the ladder among some boxes.
Continue through the abandoned room to find Gunpowder in a box on the right, and a Treasure Map next to a breakable crate.
Turning around, don’t miss the prone body of a Moroaica lying in the corner, and take it out before it can rise up to fight. Grab the Lockpick she was guarding, then search the opposite side of the room for a table with the Rumors of a Dagger File, which may be the key to defeating the lady of the castle.
As you move to leave the Attic, don’t miss the F2 Rifle on a chair at the end of the hall. You may have to do some inventory juggling to fit it in, and you may want to consider buying the inventory upgrade from The Duke to make things easier.
Out on the Rooftops, you’ll witness several winged creatures called Samca taking flight around the area, before circling the spires or perching on ledges nearby. You can either try to snipe a few of them early, like on the one nearby that perches to the right, or wait for them to come to you.
These enemies are a lot like flying Moroaica, but they dart around much faster. They’ll try to get you to waste ammo darting back and forth before flapping several times and swooping at you with their strange horn-like protrusions. However, even a few well-placed handgun shots can send them crashing to the ground, letting you either unload more bullets or slash them with a knife until they expire.
Be sure to check the sloping roof as you kill the first Samca, and you’ll find an urn to break.
Further up you can find a Lift to take you back down to the Entrance Hall, creating a nice shortcut back down to the first floor. As you descend, look to the wall above the door leading out to spot a Crystal Fragment you can shoot down and collect.
Back up on the Rooftops, crack open the urns on the other side, and prepare for one or two Samcas to ambush you as you make your way along the outer roof. If multiple enemies show up at once, you can also wait until they dive close to take them out with a well-placed shotgun blast. Some may drop a Crystal Wing that you can sell for a nice profit.
Keep moving along the rooftops until you reach a dead end, then head up the slope and look for some Gunpowder on a ledge as you move to the middle.
As you move towards a small spire in the middle, left of the zipline, be sure to look above the small window to spot a small glowing Crystal Fragment you can shoot down and add to your collection. Cross over the sloped tiles into the inner rooftop to find an urn to destroy.
Two more Samcas wait in the spire above, but you can snipe one of them early as it perches on the top if you want. Break the urns in the Belfry, and then take the zipline over to the Tower of Rage.
In here, you can find the final mask, the Mask of Rage, and finally attempt to escape this place.
You can try taking the lift down, but there’s a good chance Lady Dimitrescu is waiting for you at the Entrance Hall, which may force you to quickly run back to the lift and go up, taking the longer way back through the Attic.
The Prison TreasureRemember that you found a treasure map in the Attic that pointed to a locked door near the prisons where you killed your first daughter of Dimitrescu? Head back down that way, and take out any Moroaicas that now wander the dungeons until you reach the locked door, and open it using the Iron Insignia Key.
Inside is a puzzle similar to the other Prison puzzle, but this one can be a bit more annoying to deal with. There are two swinging braziers – both unlit, guarding a sarcophagus that you can’t reach. In order to light the swinging braziers, look at a cracked wall near the back where a light source is emanating from. Search the nearby walls for a Pipe Bomb and blow open the wall to reveal a large torch.
The difficult part now is using the wonky physics of trying to push a swinging brazier in first person without being able to directly hold it. You can try and push them by running into them, but it’s not recommended. If you want a much easier time, you can crouch down and fire a few well placed shots to send the brazier moving much quicker.
As long as you’re accurate and don’t mind wasting several bullets, you can light both the braziers this way – just remember both braziers will need to be swinging towards each other to light up, so you may need to stagger your pushes or shots. Luckily, there’s Handgun Ammo both in an alcove and in a crate.

Completing the puzzle will unlock the sarcophagus for you, getting you the Azure Eye Treasure, that can be combined with the Silver Ring you found in the Hall of Pleasure to make the Azure Eye Ring, which sells for much more Lei. Be sure to also check the alcove where the standing torch is to find some extra Lei and a Crystal Fragment on a crate.IMPORTANT – Make sure you have everything you need, and have explored the entire castle – and buy some upgrades from The Duke (including the inventory expansion if you haven’t already) by selling all the treasure you’ve found so far. Once you leave, you won’t be able to get back inside the castle, so leave no stone unturned if you care for being a completionist.When you’re ready, sneak back into the Hall of the Four (and make sure Lady Dimitresu’s back is turned as you slowly place each mask on the angel busts to slowly open the exit to the castle. For reference:
The Mask of Joy has one pegThe Mask of Sorrow has two pegsThe Mask of Hatred has three pegsThe Mask of Pleasure has four pegsBreak the urns on your way out’, as well as more urns on either side of the walkway outside.
As you enter the Tower of Worship, you’ll find a lone sarcophagus that has the one item you need to level the playing field against Lady Dimitrescu – a poisoned dagger. Speaking of her…
Boss Fight – Lady DimitrescuVideo Guide – Lady Dimitrescu Boss FightYou’ll now have an exclusive look at Alcina Dimitrescu’s true form, and it’s not a pretty one. However, this state has left her vulnerable, specifically the humanoid form on top of the large winged creature.
In order to survive, you’ll need to shoot carefully to hit her weak form on top, while dodging the lunging chompers of the terrifying beast below. To start, she’ll leave you on a stairway up on the tower, but block your path. Get her to move away by aiming at her humanoid section with your pistol, and she’ll eventually fly away.
Quickly run up the stairs and grab everything you see – the Sniper Rifle Ammo, First Aid Med, Shotgun Ammo, and Handgun Ammo.
As you move into the central tower, she’ll land on the side and start slowly pursuing you in a circle around the tower. You’ll want to take a few well placed shot at her upper body, then move back before the beast’s jaws lunge at you.
It will always rear back for a moment before lunging forward, giving you the cue to turn and sprint away as it smashes through debris to get at you.
Look for the moments after its lunge when its wings move back to expose Dimitrescu to your shots, and either get close to the side for some shotgun blasts, or keep your distance while turning to let off some handgun shots before running away again.
After enough damage is dealt, Dimitrescu will take to the skies around the tower. Wait for her to start floating around in the air in a relative holding pattern, and she’ll begin to summon an insect swarm. If not stopped, the swarm will eventually come to the tower and chase you, dealing damage over time unless you can outrun it. Instead, shut her down as soon as you see her begin this move by sniping her with your rifle, and she’ll drop down after one or two hits.
After getting knocked out of the sky, wait for her to crash land back in the tower, and she might be dazed for a time, letting you get relatively close on either side of her and attack her vulnerable upper body.
After a few of these scenarios, she’ll take the sky and then crash land on the tower again, dragging you into the middle as rubble falls all around you. Quickly run up the stairs to avoid her and her insect swarm before reaching the top of the spire. Before she follows, break the urns nearby to get some more ammo, and continue the fight.
In these close confines, you won’t be able to run along the edges anymore. Instead, keep up the fire on her body, and strafe from side to side.
When you see the lower beast start to pulse red, move all the way to the right to dodge the lunge, then resume firing.
Utilize the shotgun after the lunge stuns her, and keep up the pressure until she starts to explode in a bloody mess, signaling the end of the fight.
When the scene ends, you’ll be the proud owner of the Crystal Dimitrescu treasure, and nearby you can find a very mysterious Dirty Flask. It’s time to leave the castle behind, and continue your search for Rose.

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