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Volcarona – New Pokemon Snap Wiki Guide


May 6, 2021

Last Edited: 6 May 2021 12:53 amThis page is part of IGN’s New Pokemon Snap Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about finding and photographing the Illumina Pokemon Volcarona in the Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot, and how to get all four star ratings to complete your Volcarona Photodex page.
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How to Unlock and Photograph Volcarona – CoursesTo unlock the Illumina Pokemon Volcarona:
First, raise the Fireflow Volcano course to Research Level 2Complete Fireflow Volcano again at Level 2 to go to the new route on the right and take a photo of the Ancient Ruins there.The Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot will then become available to you, where Volcarona resides.To photograph Volcarona, you need to deplete its fire shield, and cause it to glow.
Hit the Volcarona with Fluffruit until it drops its fire shield.Throw Illumina Orbs at it to make it glow.1 Star Volcarona PhotoadvertisementYou must first make Volcarona deplete its fireshield by hitting it with two Fluffruit, then throw an Illumina orb to make it glow. Any picture of Volcarona just flying, or levitating still, counts as a 1-star photo.
2 Star Volcarona Photo”Happy Vibes” Volcarona counts as a 2-star pose. Listen for happy trills to know when it’s doing this – there are quite a few times it does. We have found it will twirl a bit in the air right after throwing an illumina orb at it right after depleting its fire shield, but it will also do this right before performing the 4-star action as well!
3 Star Volcarona PhotoAnytime a Volcarona performs aerial corkscrews or flips counts as a 3-star behavior.
How to Capture the 4 Star Volcarona Photo
Getting Illumina Volcarona to this point is mildly difficult, and requires the stage to be at Research Level 2.Tip : Don’t use boost, but do turn on the burst photo mode if you have it unlocked to get better shots easier! (Finish New Pokemon Snap to unlock this feature) At the beginning of the course, throw a Fluffruit at the Volcarona that appears on the left. This will open up an alternate route, which you’ll know you’re going towards if the NEO-ONE stays in this chamber and rises toward the Monferno. Eventually, you’ll go through a tunnel into another chamber with a few pillars with crystabloom on the top, and one especially high pillar with a crystabloom near the exit of the stage. In this chamber, you must relinquish both Volcarona of their fire shields by hitting both with Fluffruit twice, and then both with Illumina orbs. You must do this before they leave.Now that both are in the Illumina state, hit a crystabloom with an Illumina Orb – this is most likely the highest one. They will dance together a bit on a ledge, then go toward the crystabloom (make sure to keep it glowing). The one on the left will show a powerful fire display. To get the most pose points, make sure it’s surrounded by fire like in the photo above!Looking to photograph even more Pokemon? Don’t forget to check out our Pokemon (Pokedex) hub page to find a complete list of all Pokemon that are available to find and photograph in New Pokemon Snap.

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