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Survival game Cryofall adds insult to injury by telling you exactly who is looting your corpse


May 6, 2021

It took longer than I expected, but someone finally killed me in Cryofall, a multiplayer survival game that has a lot in common with Rust. As in Rust, I’m on a server with dozens of other people, all crafting gear, building bases (and raiding the bases others have built), mining for resources, and scavenging to survive. Unlike Rust, it doesn’t melt your PC with high fidelity graphics—Cryofall is top-down and sorta cartoony looking.

It’s a survival game, so you know the drill. Start with nothing, pick up rocks and sticks, and start using the wilderness as your own personal punching bag. Fell trees, build a campfire, kill some wimpy animals for meat, and run around looking for a bit of unclaimed land to call your own. Then build a base, mine for minerals, smelt ’em in furnaces, and wait for someone to come along and bash your bases’ walls down, murder you, and take all your stuff.


(Image credit: Daedalic Entertainment)

Finding that unclaimed land takes a while—there are a lot of players on this Cryofall server, which is why I’m surprised no one kills me for the first couple of hours. I see players regularly, and while they don’t interact with me, they don’t attack me, either.

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