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Mets fans react sarcastically to Francisco Lindor ending hitless streak


May 6, 2021

Francisco Lindor’s hitless streak ended at 26 at-bats, and Mets fans reacted in predictable fashion. Like most New Yorkers, they’re eternally sarcastic.

Lindor’s batting average reached near sub-.150 levels, a mark no man on a $340 million contract should aim for, especially in their first few months on the job. The 27-year-old is in Queens long-term, boos or not, and Lindor will eventually turn those frowns upside down when he gains confidence in his swing. It all starts with one hit.

Despite his 0-for-26 slump, Lindor also reached base safely in 16 of his last 19 games. He didn’t let the low barrel percentage and BABIP impact his walk rate, proving he’s still seeing the ball quite well. The issue remains his swing, and making contact at a consistent rate.

Mets fans react to Francisco Lindor ending his hitless streak

Lindor’s struggles were magnified because he plays in New York, just as his eventual success will be overhyped for those same reasons. It’s a double-edge sword.

After recording his first hit in a very, very long time, Lindor admitted it was a huge weight off his shoulders. “I had a smile on my face, my shoulders came down – I had them above my ears. I’m working as hard as I can day in and day out to be the best player I can be,” he said postgame.

So, are Mets fans feeling the same way? Well…sort of.

There were more, trust me.

The Mets are back to .500 for now, and in the crowded NL East they need to take their small victories when they can get them. Lindor getting back on tract (we hope) is a start.

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