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How to earn Rust Twitch drops in May


May 6, 2021

May’s Twitch drops for Rust are now active, and if you link your Steam and Twitch accounts here you can earn some streamer-inspired skins while you enjoy the show.

Until May 13, the Rust streamers you can watch are Abe, Tacularr, Spoon kid, Shiphtur, PeterParkTV, Masayoshi, imPheetus, Enardo, Brit, Big Chase, Berne and Fuslie. Among the drops are a couple of costumes, some weapons skins (including a knife that looks like a spoon), and even a few new skins for rocks. If you’re gonna bash someone over the head with a big hunk of stone, you might as well do it with a rock that looks like a giant walnut and says DEEZ on it. Right?

(Image credit: Facepunch Studios)

You can earn the drops by watching each specific streamer for two hours prior to 6 pm UTC on May 13.

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