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Golf Impact Review – Pretty Much a Hole in One


May 6, 2021

Golf Impact is a PvP golf game that sees you taking on opponents in single-hole battles to the best score. It mixes together authenticity with a bit of silliness and some ideas lifted from other mobile games to make something that’s easy to pick up and pretty darn hard to put down. 

Every round you’re trying to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible, and if you manage to beat your opponent you’ll get some goodies to toughen up the clubs in your golf bag, as well as some extra gold. Lose and you forfeit your wager and move back a few steps in the rankings too.

There are loads of clubs to collect here, and you can upgrade and strengthen them as you play. None of the more powerful ones look like they’d actually work in the real world, but a decent set of clubs is the best way to be sure you’ve got an edge on whoever you’re coming up against.

You position your shot, then drag back on your ball and release to fire. You can play around with the spin of the ball as well – Golf Impact lets you get pretty darn granular if you want to. There’s wind and other weather effects to take into consideration as well. 

Hitting a perfect shot and watching it roll into the hole before the other player has even had a chance to go for their putt is something pretty darn special, and clawing a win back from the jaws of defeat is going to leave you punching the air. 

Sure, there are other golf games like Golf Impact out there, but there’s a depth and polish here that few others can match. There’s always a game waiting for you, and there’s always something new to try and unlock.

Golf Impact walks the line between a simulator and an arcade thwack-a-thon pretty darn well. It’s not perfect, and sometimes you’ll come up against players who are just better equipped than you are, but for the most part this is an entertaining diversion onto the greens. 

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