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Terry Francona had classic line for Angel Hernandez after botched call


May 5, 2021

Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona revealed what he said to umpire Angel Hernandez after another botched call and it’s an all-time zinger.

Hardly a week goes by without MLB umpire Angel Hernandez drawing attention to himself with a head-scratching call.

Everyone can see that the ump isn’t at the top of his game, especially the managers who have to deal with his decisions direction.

Leave it to Terry Francona of the Indians to put into words what the entire baseball world was thinking.

“Why’s it always happening when you’re here?” Francona said he told Hernandez after another bizarre call on Tuesday night between Cleveland and Kansas City.

Terry Francona highlighted Angel Hernandez’ terrible reputation

The call in question involved Hernandez, who was the first base umpire, signaling an out that never happened when he assumed Harold Ramirez caught a ball in the outfield. He told the pool reporter after the game that he “basically guessed on the wrong call” because he lost the ball in the scoreboard lights.

The problem was that Andrew Benintendi was stranded between third and second because of the botched call and ended up tagged out.

The crew got together and fixed the mistake as best they could, but that involved awarding Benintendi third base and putting Salvador Perez on first. Both teams would have preferred the call just got called right in the first place.

Sometimes people mess up. It happens. That’s not the problem. The issue is how often Hernandez is at the center of these controversies. It’s like MLB’s replay review system was made for him. When managers are calling that out, it’s something the league should really address.

They haven’t up to this point, so brace yourself for whatever Hernandez has up his sleeve next.

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