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May 5, 2021

Blogging live to you and yours. It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL. One thing that has been good during this pandemic is video game sells. Let’s face it. With a lot of places closed more people have been picking up a video game controller than ever before. Whether it be Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony these companies have continued to be successful in the world of video games, and video game hardware. So I mentioned in my last post that I got a PS5 for Christmas. I’m very happy with it and I’ll be doing a review on the console itself very soon. But I have a question. Was it necessary for Sony and Microsoft to put out new gen consoles late last year? I’ll talk about it and then give you my final answer.

Now let’s start with the Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. They came out in 2013. So I understand it had been seven years. But it just seemed like for most of 2020 both of these companies were playing possum with each other. Going into September we still hadn’t seen a price for either console. Two months before your console goes on sale I think that your consumers should know how much the console is going to be. Especially going into the holidays. People need to budget. Getting the latest and greatest console isn’t cheap. Because besides the console you’ll want to get some accessories as well. Perhaps a controller, headphones, and of course… A GAME. Got to factor all of that in when making an expensive purchase.

One of the things I was very disappointed with was pre-orders going up out of nowhere. It’s 2021 and it seems likes retailers still can’t get it right when it comes to pre-orders. I mean what a mess? Walmart releasing pre-orders earlier than they should’ve. Seriously? Many definitely feel that the pre-orders should’ve been handled much better. And when the consoles came out they were damn near impossible to secure. It doesn’t make sense to go to the Walmart website at say 9am when they say they are going to have them for sale only to be sold out in less than a minute. Damn bots. We’ve been seeing scalping a lot over the years with consoles whether it be retro mini consoles or even current gen consoles like the Nintendo Switch. So with limited supply coming out for the holidays both Sony and Microsoft should’ve been better prepared. And they weren’t.

Now if you were fortunate enough to get either console then good for you. If you haven’t yet the only thing I can say is keep trying and don’t give up. And what I mean by don’t give up is don’t give in to those scalpers. Scalpers are feeling the pressure now. Especially for the PS5. With more and more consoles being made the more of a hot potato they have. But overall it isn’t right what they are doing and I feel it is just wrong to buy something just to mark up the price and prevent some one who does want it from buying it at its normal price. If this type of thing keeps happening I’m pretty sure it’ll get law makers attention an something will be done about it. I believe overseas something is already being done about it.

So back to my original question. Was it necessary for Sony and Microsoft to put out new gen consoles late last year? I’m going to say no. I really think it could’ve waited to until Q1 of this year. But like I said the two companies were playing possum with each other. If Microsoft decided not to put out the Series X/S last year I’m sure the PS5 would’ve followed suit. It’s kind of weird but I do understand the competition behind it. One reason I feel the two companies should’ve waited is because of the limited quantities. We’re in the middle of a pandemic so production you know is going to be slow. It’ll pick up a lot I’m sure (later on down the line) but until then people are going to be on the hunt for these consoles. But it seems like a lot of retailers are cracking down on the bot software scalpers are using to buy them in bulk. And they should. Whatever you do please, please, please don’t buy a console off a scalper. Be patient and you’ll get one.

So anyone out there got one of the new consoles, or both, or have been unlucky? Please let me know in the comments before. Until next time. Blogging live to you and yours. It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL. Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE. Thanks for reading and stay safe y’all. Later!

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