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How to Take Four Star Photos – Guide – New Pokemon Snap Wiki Guide


May 5, 2021

Last Edited: 4 May 2021 11:51 pmThis page is part of IGN’s New Pokemon Snap Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about what stars mean in New Pokemon Snap with tips on how to take one, two, three, and the elusive 4-Star photographs of Pokemon.
New Pokemon Snap Stars MeaningStars in New Pokemon Snap simply represent how rare the behavior of a particular Pokemon is in that photo. The numerical score affects the color of those stars: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Here are general tips on how to fill your Photodex with all four star rated poses:
1-Star Photos: These behaviors are the most common and generally easiest to photos get. Snap a photo of the Pokemon simply existing in it’s most common form, generally just walking or standing around. 2-Star Photos: Pretty much every Pokemon will display a 2-Star rated behavior if hit with a Fluffruit (take a picture of it flinching) or if it’s scanned, but there are a huge variety of 2-Star behaviors Pokemon can display. 3-Star Photos: These behaviors are a little more specific, like the picture of the Pikipek pecking a hole in a tree in the screenshot above, but not too difficult to photograph. 4-Star Photos: For a Pokemon behavior to be considered 4-Star-worthy in New Pokemon Snap, it will be both tricky to time correctly and to cause. A 4-star behavior can be natural, but only catchable for a second – like a Quagsire jumping into the water. You can also cause some 4-Star behaviors with specific actions, like luring a Pokemon to another, or following a series of actions that cause a Pokemon to act oddly, like repeatedly feeding a Pidgeot throughout the Park (Night) course until it smiles happily at you.How to Get Four Star Photographs – Tips
Each star rating indicates the rarity level of the action or behavior in which the Pokemon is undertaking within the photograph – the total numerical score is graded completely separately of the Star-rating.While we will only be cover the star based system in this guide, you can find a complete breakdown on the New Pokemon Snap photo scoring system below:
These rare, 4-Star Pokemon actions occasionally occur naturally, but behaviors will often be determined by using the following items near Pokemon:
advertisement Fluffruit Fluffruit is an all-new item that resembles an apple and is used to lure and trigger reactions from Pokemon. Use it to lure Pokemon to a new spot to potentially trigger interactions with other Pokemon or objects! Illumina Orbs Illumina Orbs are used on Pokemon to create a Illumina Phenomenon, which will allow you to potentially witness something special and extraordinary. Know that Illumina Orbs will power Pokemon up, so these will usually trigger some rare star behavior if used when a Pokemon is preparing a move. Melody Play a melody to trigger a reaction and potentially a dance or song from any Pokemon in the area. Due to the large area in which the melody can be heard, this particular item is perfect for trying to coordinate those large group photos. ScanAlong with being used to find Branching Routes, the sound in which the Scan Mode makes can potentially trigger a small reaction from any nearby Pokemon. These reactions are often kind of short, so be quick when grabbing your camera!Although we have mentioned it earlier, it is important to note that both the score and star rating for each photograph is completely separate, meaning the score in which you obtain for each photograph will not have any effect on the star rating you receive from Professor Mirror.
Looking to take a four star photograph of a certain Pokemon? Don’t forget to check out our Pokemon (Pokedex) hub page to find a complete list of all Pokemon that are available to find and photograph in New Pokemon Snap, with details on how to photograph all four behaviors for each Pokemon.

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