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Genesis Invitational: DFI Featured PGA Tournament


May 4, 2021

If you’ve been in the DFI community for a while, you probably already know that the Daily Fantasy Insider team has a few slates that are special. By that I mean, nobody covers these slates quite like we do. For baseball, it’s the MLB All-Star Game and Home-Run Derby. For basketball, it’s the NBA Christmas Day slate. For football, it’s the NFL Thanksgiving Day slate. And for golf, you might think it would be one of the Majors (which we do cover extensively), but you would be incorrect. Our specialty PGA DFS tournament of the year is the Genesis Invitational. Now you might think that you’ve never even heard of it, and this time you’d actually be correct. 

The Genesis Invitational will be held at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles from February 13-16. It will be hosted by Tiger Woods, and it will be an invite-only event. This looks to be one of the most exciting golf tournaments of the new year, and our team has already circled it on the calendar. There are multiple aspects to this tournament that will make it fun. The quality of the field should be tremendous, which will make it play much like a major in terms of field strength and player pricing on DraftKings and FanDuel. The fan engagement should be great, as tickets will cost just $19.92 in honor of Woods’ first ever amateur golf tournament being played at Riviera in 1992. Another thing that makes this event fun is that it’s a west coast event, which means it will start before 10 AM ET every day. So you can enjoy a full day of PGA DFS before you transition into evening slates for other sports. The average cut line at Riviera had been above par for 7 straight years until finally the cut was EVEN in 2019. However, the field is being trimmed from 144 to 120 due to the shift to an Invitational event, and that means it will be much easier to make the cut than before. The purse will be raised to $9.3 million though, which means it’s all the more likely that the best golfers in the world will be in attendance. 

This is a course where accuracy and putting is more important than strength and long drives. Courses like this always seem to provide a bit of an edge in DFS, because people see that the best chance for scoring is on the par 5s and they still want to flock to the bombers. Golfers like Jim Furyk often go under-owned at events like this, and our team at DFI will be preparing way in advance to get an edge. Make sure you join our War Room in February as we attempt to deliver some takedowns for you!


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